How to Find your Youtube Channel ID in a Minute

Having a hard time finding your YouTube ID? This tutorial might a life-saver.

But first bear in mind that YouTube channel name and YouTube ID are two different things. The YouTube channel name is simply the actual name of the channel you assigned while the YouTube ID is a unique combination of alphanumeric characters.

YouTube ID is usually required when you will create your own YouTube subscribe button for your website or blog.

To spot your ID just follow steps below:

1. First login to YouTube account
2. Access your Creator Studio as shown:

3. Click the view channel link.
4. Copy the last portion of the URL then paste it to YouTube button generator.

Good job your done!

How to Find the MetroFlash E360 Action Camera apps online? Viewing Videos on Mobile Phones

The MetroFlash e360 video action camera has built-in WiFi features allowing users to adjust camera setting remotely, watch photos and videos in real-time via mobile phones  and share them instantly with friends, family or in social media.

To use this feature you need to download and install the MetroFlash e360 apps to your Android or iOS devices.

 In the apps store search the MetroFlash e360 apps by typing in " action + remote". Several apps will appear but choose the WINBOOK ACTION + REMOTE apps as shows in the screenshot below.

Having trouble please visit MetroFlash website and read their FAQs tab..

Review : MetroFlash e360 WiFi Action Video Camera Specs & Features

The MetroFlash e360 WiFi Extreme HD Action Camera is designed to capture your everyday most exciting adventure and ventures! Designed for surfers, skaters, motorcyclists, bikers, base jumpers, snowboarders and anyone else who want to capture high definition videos of their most extreme moments, MetroFlash e360 WiFi Extreme HD Action Camera is capable of recording in the most extreme conditions. Attach it to your helm, to your surfboard, on your bike's handlebar or strap it around your waist and shoo your breathtaking action from up close.
The e360 is a good video action camera in the market today in terms of functionality and price. For only $110 in Amazon you can have an action camera that has an excellent video quality and features that far more even better compared to its veteran rivals such as GoPro Hero 3 and Contour Roam 2 ( you can check the comparison sheet below)

  MetroFlash e360 Feature Hightlights:

 - Record max 1080p Full HD video by using one easy slide switch.
 - Take 5MP digital photographs. Allows 10 consecutive shots in burst mode.
 - Support up to 32GB MicroSD card and allows you to take FHD videos for 4 hours.
 - Built-in 1200mAh Li-Polymer battery for around 2.5 hours continuously use.
 - Waterproof up to 10 meters depth without using extra casing.
 - Wireless capacity allows you to transfer files to your PC or mobile device thru air. It also turns your smart phone to a viewfinder and a remote control.
- Dual Video files recording for easy sharing 
- G-Sensor with accurate image rotation features. Distortion-free ultra wide angle lens (170
- degrees of coverage.) - Comes with extensive mounting hardware

MetroFlash e360 vs. GoPro Hero 3 vs. Contour Roam 2
Noted: $149.95 is the price of E360 when first listed in Amazon.
MetroFlash e360 Specs:
Sensor 5 Mega pixel CMOS sensor
Lens 170º ultra wide angle field of view
Focus range: 0.5m
Video: 1080p: 1920x1080 pixels (16:9), 30 fps
      960P*: 1280x960 pixels (4:3), 30 fps
      720p: 1280x720 pixels (16:9), 60 fps
      720p*: 1280x720 pixels (16:9), 30 fps
      Format: H.264 compression, saved as MPEG4 (.mov) file**
      Dual files recording
      Photo Resolution: 16MP, 5MP, 3MP, VGA
      Capture Modes: Single, Burst-shot*, Time lapse*
Audio : Built-in high quality microphone
      ADPCM Compression, Automatic Gain Control
Storage: MicroSD/MicroSDHC w/ minimum Class 6 up to 32GB (not Storage included)
Average Recording Times: about 4 hours (using 32GB mSD card in 1080p30/720p60)
Connection: USB2.0 (for data connection and battery charging)
          Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n)
Power : Build-in 1200 mAH Rechargeable Li-Polymer Battery
       Battery Life: Approx. 2.5 hrs (w/o Wi-Fi) or 1 hr (w/ Wi-Fi)
Housing: High quality finishing
       Depth up to 10 meters
Dimension: 108*42*42.4mm
Weight: 131.4g

System Requirements: Operating system Windows 7/XP SP3 /Vista and Mac 10.5 or above
                  CPU Pentium III or above
                  RAM At least 64MB
                  Interface USB port
                  CD 4x speed CD ROM or above
Best use for :
  • Skiing
  • Bike riding
  • Snowboarding
  • In your car
  • Skateboarding
  • Winter X games
  • Motocross
  • Amateur car racing
  • BMX racing
  • Snowmobile riding or racing.
  • Ice skating
  • Roller skating                    
  • Rock climbing                    
  • Scuba diving to limited depths  
  • Snorkeling
  • Wind surfing                     
  • Beach swimming             
  • Surfing
  • Water Rafting
Video Review:

Review: Asahi EK-181 Electric Cordless Water Kettle -1.8 Liter Capacity, 230V, 2000W

I had been using various water heaters since my college days but none of them really impress me.I specially mention those heaters with rounded metal body, although they're pretty cheaper but in most cases it won't last long and unsafe to use when unattended.

We are lucky nowadays to have what we called electric kettle, a much improved water heater that allows us to boil much faster and automatically cuts off electric circuit.

Presenting to you is the Asahi EK- 181.

The Asahi Ek-181 is sleek water kettle or heater capable of boiling water up to 1.8 liter. It has excellent removable water filters that you won't find in an ordinary Kyowa or MasterCraft kettle.

The EK-181 features stainless steel heater tube, cool touch grip- easy grip, On-Off switch with light indicator and water level indicator in the front of the device.

Armed with safety features, it has double insulated AC Cord with ground protection wire, overheat and boil dry thermal cut off protection, and the top cover has pop-up lock to ensuring the kettle water won't accidentally spills.

This electric kettle is available in white-blue, white-skyblue and white-red color. Also available in smaller sizes.

The EK-181 is price tag at P500 plus on most retailers nationwide.

- Easy to clean, beautiful-looking, big capacity, safe to use, and minimal boiling noise.

-Asahi Water Kettle is only covered by 1 week warranty (while fans are 5 years from d.o.p and 1 years for gas stoves)
-Won't work on non-230V rated power outlets

  • Cordless
  • 1.8 Liter Capacity
  • Removable filter
  • Water Level Indicator
  • Stainless Steel Heater Tube
  • Overheat and Boil Dry Thermal Cut off Protection
  • Double Insulated AC Cord
  • Cool Touch Grip Easy Grip
  • Push button pop up cover
  • On-Off Switch with Light Indicator
  • Made in Japan assembled in PH by Asahi Awarded Superbrands
  • 1 week warranty

  • Model: Ek-181
  • Voltage: 230V 60Hz
  • Input Power: 2000 Watts
  • Volume: 1.8L max
  • Boil Time : 6mins and 20 sec based on our test.
  • Package: Main kettle, stand with wire, manual,and warranty card

Company Background

Several years ago, Asahi or Asahi Electrical Manufacturing Corporation was just known for their affordable electric fans in the Philippines, due to their commitment to produce home appliance that meet established standards for quality and safety most of their product had bagged multiple Philippines choice awards as superbrands.

Today, Asahi manufactured wide range of home appliances from super kalan, gas stoves, fans, rice cooker, electric kettle, electric iron, oven, and a lot more.

Do you love Asahi products? How's your experience with it? Inform us by your comment below.

Solution: Missing Blogger Post Thumbnail Pic Problem [Latest Issue]

Do you experience lately in blogger post where thumbnail pics are gone missing? If yes then, you are not alone. Many users have been facing the same issues already since last week. We advice that you don't change anything in your template or make a bit drastic action becuase there's seem a new bug  in blogger platform.

The root of the problem according to Livewithg is blogger automatically inserts "s" on the image source http. 

So, to solve the issue follow these steps (this perfectly works on my other blog!):

  • Open up the post for editing that is missing a thumbnail.
  • Near the top left of the post editor, you’ll notice there’s a switcher. Click “HTML”.  You will now see the raw HTML version of your post.
  • Now find the image that you have uploaded (it should usually be the first one). And replace https:// with http:// (remove the s). Make sure to do it after the src=" tag. The same URL may also show up after href=" tag, you don’t have to worry about that. Just make sure src="https:// is replaced with src="http://.
  • Cick Update to publish the changes.
  • Now go visit your homepage. Do a hard refresh (Control + F5 or Shift +F5) to clear any caches. You should be seeing the thumbnail now.

[Source : Livewithg]

If you had noticed blogger post preview also gets broken when uses https url encryption.

According to Mashable post, the main purpose of HTTPS encryption to is provide benefits like confidentiality, integrity and identity. Your information remains confidential from prying eyes because only your browser and the server can decrypt the traffic. Integrity protects the data from being modified without your knowledge. 

Do you think this post help you? Please drop a comment a below.ty

2014 Oct 26 PhilNITS Exam - Complete List of FE and AP Passers

Congratulations to the new batch of PhilNITS passers!

Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Examination (FE)

Examination Date: October 26, 2014
Seq by Examinee # and Name
  1. FE01-0167      abantao michael allan morong
  2. FE01-0107      abanto ranel john esguerra
  3. FE01-0093      abellanosa james paul calulut
  4. FE01-0027      acer ernie ebido
  5. FE02-0020      aguipo ederlyn limpiado
  6. FE02-0070      alegre maan kyra sarail
  7. FE01-0203      alvarez carlo guevarra
  8. FE01-0197      anatalio alyssa nicole masangkay
  9. FE01-0110      ang jan-otaner lacanilao
  10. FE01-0211      aninao angela cherie garingalao
  11. FE02-0042      apor andrey saberon
  12. FE01-0052      arce rocky daven laddaran
  13. FE01-0022      arquiza karen lazaro
  14. FE02-0089      artiaga resty louis feniza
  15. FE01-0158      atienza mishael paul dumlao
  16. FE01-0029      atienza paul henry atilano
  17. FE02-0096      balane arnelle calape 
  18. FE01-0008      balucan joseph ian salvador
  19. FE03-0011      banawan marielle pacifico
  20. FE02-0043      baroa louise miguel lopez
  21. FE01-0183      barretto lady toni altoveros
  22. FE02-0100      bato-on enrique arsenal 
  23. FE01-0096      belen erwin fule
  24. FE01-0190      belga albert ryan lim
  25. FE01-0169      bonilla eulogio iii holgado
  26. FE01-0055      boydon mark oliver victorio
  27. FE01-0100      brofar anna clarisse calalang
  28. FE03-0013      buladaco mark van merca
  29. FE03-0006      cabrera jonathan salar
  30. FE02-0039      cabrillos john lehmar camarangga
  31. FE01-0129      carlos roland nicholad gabriel espritu
  32. FE02-0036      casas cristilito bru
  33. FE01-0122      castillo filomeno ignacio iii canto
  34. FE01-0112      castillo reinald binuluan
  35. FE02-0092      cayobit lauritzkean eric primer
  36. FE01-0186      centeno eloffer jehson elomina
  37. FE01-0078      chan charmaine kaye go
  38. FE01-0041      chan francis alexis lim
  39. FE01-0156      chang joanna tan
  40. FE01-0039      chiu darren tan
  41. FE01-0001      chua kim benedict torres
  42. FE01-0181      cinco luis antonio bustamante
  43. FE01-0011      contento eden dimaculangan 
  44. FE05-0008      cordero kenver rosales
  45. FE01-0091      cruz ma araceli pauline calalang
  46. FE01-0026      cruz virgil bennet avedillo
  47. FE01-0059      cullano rodel archie mayor
  48. FE01-0099     de guzman john martin mercado
  49. FE01-0124     de luna ian emmanuel carandang
  50. FE01-0192     dela cruz marvin jay ramosm
  51. FE01-0015     deola frederick ayco
  52. FE01-0143     dizon ma vanessa portuguez
  53. FE02-0005     doysabas ester marie gom-os
  54. FE01-0136     duremdes lenny joie ticao
  55. FE08-0002     esguerra john richard masilang
  56. FE02-0045     famulagan marie tonie nuñez
  57. FE03-0012     flores brian pangandoyan
  58. FE03-0001     francinilla jim adrian dangoy
  59. FE01-0126     gatbonton cristina amor corpuz
  60. FE02-0028     giva gervel elcarte
  61. FE01-0177     gonzales vanessa de la cruz
  62. FE01-0108     gutierrez francis albert espinase
  63. FE01-0140     herber thomas jeffrey malit
  64. FE01-0054     jala jonah katrina toscano
  65. FE02-0016     jinon joni patrick anuales
  66. FE01-0214     juat wesley mendoza
  67. FE02-0010     jumao-as jade gabiana
  68. FE02-0084     labian paulinko kiel bernadit
  69. FE05-0016     lagarto jarenne jae llorente
  70. FE01-0074     laroya reinier concepcion
  71. FE01-0138     layug karlo paolo patawaran
  72. FE01-0216     ledda roel orodio
  73. FE01-0013     leonor charles timothy del rosario
  74. FE02-0082     lim erwin jason chua
  75. FE05-0007     lipayon jerwin indic
  76. FE02-0040     lodovice emmanuel tanduyan
  77. FE01-0130     lucas shawn anthony centeno
  78. FE01-0076     macam francis jan paderon
  79. FE01-0042     magno sherwin sy
  80. FE01-0137     manay dennis alvin jose
  81. FE01-0116     maniago jonathan rosales
  82. FE01-0188     manzano baron gerarld san diego
  83. FE01-0205     maranan edita irene suliguin
  84. FE01-0174     maravilla jr reynaldo gidal
  85. FE01-0106     marpa daniel rowel gonzales
  86. FE01-0165     mohl david andreas
  87. FE01-0082     montalbo bermie lyn quitong
  88. FE02-0098     montesclaros vincent utlang
  89. FE02-0026     mugot marijan luvlee cuaresma
  90. FE02-0035     obligado paul titus candawa
  91. FE01-0087     ong darwin adrian noceja
  92. FE01-0206     ong evan lee fletcher olarte
  93. FE02-0037     pacatang randy paglinawan
  94. FE01-0031     pailma jonas patrick igoy
  95. FE01-0088     palacpac allan frederick paloma
  96. FE01-0105     paras camille anne sanchez
  97. FE01-0182     parrenas alexis paulo fontanilla
  98. FE01-0034     parrocha andrea victoria famisaran
  99. FE01-0046     pascual anatoly michael magpantay
  100. FE01-0005     perillo marlon bayaras
  101. FE01-0077     plopinio dan tande
  102. FE01-0098     poh lik meng desmond
  103. FE04-0005     radana yero antonio raterta
  104. FE01-0050     ramos arman james delgado
  105. FE01-0101     ramos elaine valerie elnar
  106. FE02-0048     rances tedora monique marie baladya
  107. FE01-0089     ravara ron jason jamin
  108. FE01-0102     realuyo carlo raphael delas cagigas
  109. FE01-0133     ronquillo jeffrey bobis
  110. FE01-0117     sarcia armin tabing
  111. FE02-0006     sepe maurice james balase
  112. FE01-0172     silvestre jonathan inocencio
  113. FE02-0056     solera jeremy montenegro
  114. FE01-0072     soria fred jacob buncab
  115. FE01-0135     suamen christine duhaylungsod
  116. FE01-0085     sy christopher jonathan pasion
  117. FE01-0118     sy jeremy chua
  118. FE01-0179     tagupa karl ian namoc
  119. FE01-0040     tan andrew edwell yu
  120. FE01-0019     tan charles carlos
  121. FE02-0024     tangalin christopher john mandap
  122. FE01-0153     torio richville velasco
  123. FE02-0017     torrion ava joy sabana
  124. FE03-0004     tumulak christine jane sator
  125. FE01-0141     ty patrick shuster gabionza
  126. FE01-0036     uy diana rose batac
  127. FE02-0027     uy dione marcian caayon
  128. FE01-0066     valdez arvin jay ballesteros
  129. FE01-0084     valiente jill kristine golucino
  130. FE01-0104     vicente aizer dwane dasalla
  131. FE02-0065     villacorta joseph vincent indig
  132. FE01-0007     villanueva jan renee angeles
  133. FE01-0014     villar eugene alvin sandiego
  134. FE01-0018     viloria raymond balmaceda
  135. FE01-0128     vitug maria-eriela gue
  136. FE01-0049     yabut martin daniel dela cruz
  137. FE01-0191     yap vincent ching
  138. FE02-0054     ybañez jean paul pomasin
Applied Information Technology Engineer Examination (AP) Passers
Examination Date: October 26, 2014
Seq by Examinee # and Name
  1. AP01-0026     arce ralph justin cala
  2. AP02-0012     baring herschel clyde orbeta
  3. AP01-0037     cimatu arthur fernandez
  4. AP01-0025     cruz kristan gabriel balagtas
  5. AP01-0010     evangelista juan alberto de guzman
  6. AP01-0022     fajardo john paul franco
  7. AP01-0021     millare barry rosales
  8. AP01-0047     sabulao edsel conrad villareal
  9. AP01-0007     sumulong francis david villanueva
  10. AP02-0017     santiago jake laurence pat
  11. AP01-0019     tittel hans jurgen jr cruz

The Philippine National I.T. Standards (PhilNITS) Foundation, Inc. formerly known as the Japanese I.T. Standards Exams of the Philippines (JITSE-Phil) Foundation, Inc., is a non-stock, non-profit, non-government organization that is implementing an I.T Certification Program from I.T. standards adopted from Japan, with the support of the Department of Trade & industry (DTI) of the Philippines and the Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry (METI) of Japan.

PhilNITS Notice to Passers:
  • For exam passers, please check your name for any errors in spelling as this will appear on your certificate.

  • PhilNITS will not entertain requests for scores. Everybody's score will be sent via email or snail mail, passing is 600 points for am, 600 points for pm.
  • If you have not received anything from PhilNITS by end of December 2012, contact PhilNits office, your address could be wrong in our database.
  • For company sponsored examinees and scholars, your scores will be sent to your respective companies/sponsors.

  • Those who failed in either the AM or PM part of the FE exam have 1 year from date of exam to pass. So take the removal exam either on April or October, this means 2 chances to pass.

PIA Website Upgraded to Responsive Design

The Philippine Information Agency or PIA finally revamps their website, making it more responsive when viewed through mobile devices and desktops . It has a clean grid layout with professional-looking posts categories, top navigation menus, single sidebar and various government agencies links under.

PIA Website Upgrade to Responsive Design
Mobile View of
The Philippine Information Agency was created in 1986 by virtue of Executive Order 100 signed by former President Corazon C. Aquino to respond to the information needs of the citizenry and assists other government agencies in carrying out their communication and information projects.

Currently, PIA has sixteen (16) regional offices and seventy-one (71) provincial information centers nationwide.

Meanwhile, the Social Security System also improved their online portal allowing members to transact online more conveniently.