Solved : Your IMAP Server Wants to Alert you to the following : cannot remove system folder

Have you been recently distracted so much by this Outlook error ? Don't worry you're not the only one having this issue in the world. According to Netizens, this error randomly affected lots of Outlook 2013 and Office users for sometime and our guide below is the tested remedy so far.

Steps to Fix IMAP Server Error: cannot remove system folder

1. Back up your Outook contacts. Follow this guide from Office 365 :

2. Close your outlook after back up is done

3. Search this path in your Windows:


4. In the address bar of windows explorer and rename your outlook folder. Restart Outlook and let it rebuild the data file.

Just rename the Outlook folder to anything

5. Your done! Your Outook emails will start syncing normally.

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One-Click Solution to Windows 7/8/10 Screen Flickering / Splashing

Screen flickering or splashing is known bug in Window 7, version 8 /8.1 and also on Windows 10.

This happens when your switching between windows or saving files. Before users really find it annoying and hard to fix manually. Windows support suggest PC restore option to fix the issue without losing files and personal settings but it disappoint users after finding it not working at all.

Screen flickering problem when saving files on Photoshop / Paint Shop Pro
One forum user provided guide to solve the error by disabling vital windows processes through Microsoft Service option. It was not explain why those processes became the culprit but the method partially solve the error. However, it doesn't work permanently. The bug comes back for sometime and it became worse even Windows shutting down application unexpectedly.

Fortunately, another generous geek named "Furulevi"have discovered a solution by registry hack and he posted a guide on Youtube.Watch this!

The method is very simple to do and its's 100% free.

All you have to is to download the file here and run it. Make sure you have an admin privilege.

October 2015 PhilNITS IP, FE, and AP Exam Schedules

Once again the PhilNITS will be conducting sets of examination for coming this October which includes exam categories for IP, FE, and AP.

The schedule of exam for IP or Level 1: Information Technology Passport Certification Exam is on October 25, 2015 which will covers Technology, Strategy & Management ( a half-day multiple choice exam).The cost of exam is P900.00.

The FE or Level 2: Fundamental Information Technology Engineers  Certification Exams will be on October 25, 2015 as well. Same scope of exam with IP and still whole day multiple choice exam. 2.5 hours in AM and 2.5 hours in PM with lunch break.The cost of exam is P1,800.00.

For AP or Level 3: Applied InformationTechnology Engineers Certification Exam is respectively set on October 25.A whole day Exam with  Lunch Break. AM Exam is 2.5 Hours, Multiple Choice.PM Exam is 2.5 Hours, to covers Programming, some SQL coding.The cost of exam is P3,000.00

Read here for more info on How to register for PhilNITS exam, requirements and payment process.

For more inquiries about the exam you may personally visit or contact the following offices of PhilNITS:

PhilNits Manila Office:
Room 304 FMSG Building #9 Balete Drive cor 3rd St. New Manila Quezon City
Web  &

PhilNits Cebu Office:
Rm. 312-E WDC Bldg
DTI Region 7 Office
Osmena Blvd, Cebu City
Telefax No. (6332) 254-0577

PhilNits  Davao Office
DTI region XI, 5th Floor Mintrade Bldg.
Sales cor Monteverde St. Davao City
Telefax No. (6382) 227-9448

The Philippine National IT Standards (PhilNITS) Foundation is a non-stock, non-profit, non government organization that is implementing the following Certification Exams for IT and non-IT Professionals who want to work in JAPAN or Japanese IT firm based in the Philippines.

PhilNITS is currently affiliated with tech giants industry such as METI, JITEC,NEC,EPSON, Canon, Kyocera, Morson, J-SYS and last but the least, MICROSOFT.

Strategically a partner of DTI and CHED as well.

Image credit : PhilNITS Foundation Inc Source : Pinterest

How to Pay NSO Documents via UnionBank EON Online

This tutorial is intended for people who request NSO online documents such CENOMAR and Birth Certificate pay transaction online through UnionBank EON Cyber account. This may applicable to other BDO users as well ( I guessed).

- Browser
- Request Reference Number  / Batch Request Reference Number
- Transaction password
- Computer with good Internet connection
- Active EON Cyber Account

If you forget your login / transaction password, you may contact our 24-hour call center at 84186 or find the hotline numbers below. They shall facilitate the reset of your Password tries within 24 hours, so that you can try logging in again.

What is the difference between my transaction password and my login password?
The transaction password and my login password are two different passwords. Your login password, which you will be using to log in to your account, will continue to be your ATM PIN. Your transaction password, meanwhile, will be used when you conduct financial transactions. You will be nominating your transaction pin upon your first log in.

Most of the banks are using this security feature for online transactions and it is use every 90 or 120 days.

What do I do if I enter my login or transaction password incorrectly and I get blocked?
Note: Local Unionbank branch can’t issue any transaction password, you must contact the CS:
Landline: 84-186* or (02)841-8600
Domestic Toll Free : 1-800-1888-2277*
Universal Toll Free : IAC+800-8277-2273
Trunk line : (02)667-6388

Complete Payment procedures
Instead of traveling going to the bank to pay your documents request in NSO, paying it online will be more convenient and time-saver.The NSO offers more payment method and paying it online through UNION Bank  I will be guiding you here.

Step 1 : First go to UnionBank EON login page
Step 2 : Enter your card number / user ID and your 4-digit pin (same pin when transacting on ATMs) then, click Login
Step 3 : In your account click the Pay Bill menu

Step 4 : In the List of Billers select all categories.

Step 5 :  Find and click e-Census / Unisys Public Sector as shown:

Step 6 : Enter the Amount, select Debit Account, Batch Request No/ Request Reference No, Contact Number.

Encountered an error? Don’t panic make you entered the right Batch Request No/ Request Reference No provided by the e-Census. Beware of trailing spaces!

Step 7 : Next, click Pay button
Step 8 : You should be in the Adhoc Payment page now . Enter your Transaction password then, hit confirm to finish.

Step 9 : Your done. Chillax and wait for your document(s) to arrive.

 Upcoming post : How Secure Documents [Cenomar /Birth Certificate] from NSO online

How to Find your Youtube Channel ID in a Minute

Having a hard time finding your YouTube ID? This tutorial might a life-saver.

But first bear in mind that YouTube channel name and YouTube ID are two different things. The YouTube channel name is simply the actual name of the channel you assigned while the YouTube ID is a unique combination of alphanumeric characters.

YouTube ID is usually required when you will create your own YouTube subscribe button for your website or blog.

To spot your ID just follow steps below:

1. First login to YouTube account
2. Access your Creator Studio as shown:

3. Click the view channel link.
4. Copy the last portion of the URL then paste it to YouTube button generator.

Good job your done!

How to Find the MetroFlash E360 Action Camera apps online? Viewing Videos on Mobile Phones

The MetroFlash e360 video action camera has built-in WiFi features allowing users to adjust camera setting remotely, watch photos and videos in real-time via mobile phones  and share them instantly with friends, family or in social media.

To use this feature you need to download and install the MetroFlash e360 apps to your Android or iOS devices.

 In the apps store search the MetroFlash e360 apps by typing in " action + remote". Several apps will appear but choose the WINBOOK ACTION + REMOTE apps as shows in the screenshot below.

Having trouble please visit MetroFlash website and read their FAQs tab..

Review: Asahi EK-181 Electric Cordless Water Kettle -1.8 Liter Capacity, 230V, 2000W

I had been using various water heaters since my college days but none of them really impress me.I specially mention those heaters with rounded metal body, although they're pretty cheaper but in most cases it won't last long and unsafe to use when unattended.

We are lucky nowadays to have what we called electric kettle, a much improved water heater that allows us to boil much faster and automatically cuts off electric circuit.

Presenting to you is the Asahi EK- 181.

The Asahi Ek-181 is sleek water kettle or heater capable of boiling water up to 1.8 liter. It has excellent removable water filters that you won't find in an ordinary Kyowa or MasterCraft kettle.

The EK-181 features stainless steel heater tube, cool touch grip- easy grip, On-Off switch with light indicator and water level indicator in the front of the device.

Armed with safety features, it has double insulated AC Cord with ground protection wire, overheat and boil dry thermal cut off protection, and the top cover has pop-up lock to ensuring the kettle water won't accidentally spills.

This electric kettle is available in white-blue, white-skyblue and white-red color. Also available in smaller sizes.

The EK-181 is price tag at P500 plus on most retailers nationwide.

- Easy to clean, beautiful-looking, big capacity, safe to use, and minimal boiling noise.

-Asahi Water Kettle is only covered by 1 week warranty (while fans are 5 years from d.o.p and 1 years for gas stoves)
-Won't work on non-230V rated power outlets

  • Cordless
  • 1.8 Liter Capacity
  • Removable filter
  • Water Level Indicator
  • Stainless Steel Heater Tube
  • Overheat and Boil Dry Thermal Cut off Protection
  • Double Insulated AC Cord
  • Cool Touch Grip Easy Grip
  • Push button pop up cover
  • On-Off Switch with Light Indicator
  • Made in Japan assembled in PH by Asahi Awarded Superbrands
  • 1 week warranty

  • Model: Ek-181
  • Voltage: 230V 60Hz
  • Input Power: 2000 Watts
  • Volume: 1.8L max
  • Boil Time : 6mins and 20 sec based on our test.
  • Package: Main kettle, stand with wire, manual,and warranty card

Company Background

Several years ago, Asahi or Asahi Electrical Manufacturing Corporation was just known for their affordable electric fans in the Philippines, due to their commitment to produce home appliance that meet established standards for quality and safety most of their product had bagged multiple Philippines choice awards as superbrands.

Today, Asahi manufactured wide range of home appliances from super kalan, gas stoves, fans, rice cooker, electric kettle, electric iron, oven, and a lot more.

Do you love Asahi products? How's your experience with it? Inform us by your comment below.