December 9, 2017

List of Best hobbies to do as a Couple

You know, some good hobbies for couples always involve having fun with your beloved partner, which is absolutely essential for making your relationship last long. As you get out of that honeymoon stage, it may feel as though your relationship slows down a bit and gets a little boring. Feeling bored doesn’t actually mean you don’t love your partner anymore. It is probably just the right time to embrace something new and interesting to do as a united couple.
This is why some hobbies for married couples will help you saturate lifestyle with a lot more fun. Both of you may be into your individual hobbies, but that does not mean you shouldn’t take part in something mutual. Not only will you have an opportunity to appreciate each other on different levels, but a common hobby will also keep your relationship fresh and fun through many years.

What’s more, doing the same thing will give you some new things to talk about. It could give you and your partner a fresh perspective, too.
If you are already curious to know, run through the following hobbies for couples that you can try out starting from now. No doubt, those from will bring you two closer together.

#1 Dancing
If this doesn’t bring the two of you together on both physical and emotional levels, nothing else will. You don’t need to be the best dancer on the continent in order to take ballroom dancing lessons, for example. As a matter of fact, it is way more fun if you completely suck at it! This puts your teamwork under challenge and increases your intimacy.

#2 Bowling
If you got some friends dating or in relationships, establish a Couples Bowling League. It’s always a fun way to escape the four walls of your house and contribute to each other’s growth as a couple.

#3 Gardening
Yeah, gardening is one of the best hobbies for couples, which does involve some painstaking work, but it can actually be real fun. You can plant some fancy flowers together or you can plant and grow your own organic food. Learning this essential life skill is pretty much rewarding and a whole bunch of fun.

#4 Rock climbing
Since it usually takes a few people to go rock climbing, having your lover along will be the best part. You’ll get a 2-in-1 – a workout to take up and get to spend some time together.

#5 Cooking classes
This one is among the most entertaining and useful hobbies couples can do together. You can sign up for a ton of various cooking classes and it’s another excellent way to upgrade your teamwork skills and prepare some delicious food as well!

#6 Hiking
If both you and your lover are pretty much of an outdoorsy type, this hobby is an absolute must. Having a chance to enjoy nature and wildlife with a beloved person by your side can be really beneficial to your relationship.

#7 Photography
This one will engage your creative part of mind and also help the two of you build a solid connection. You can even compare pictures you’ve taken and swap tips in the process of learning.

#8 Astronomy
The night sky spangled with millions of stars is ultra romantic and amazing. If both of you share a love for those things, investing in a decent telescope and going out to stargaze at nights will be perfect as it can be both educational and romantic.

#9 Extreme camping
Well, basically, you head straight into the wilderness and survive a few days without electricity or running water. It might seem really nerve-wracking, but can teach you a lot about one another.

#10 Blogging
Why not start a video blog? Before you do, think of the topics you’ll discuss and then get the idea embodied and both contribute just for fun.

#11 Collecting stuff
Having even a pair of the same things actually means you can start collecting them. It can be hats, coins, some other antiques and really whatever you both can go out and bond over.

#12 Surfing
If you’re literally dying to try out something new or both of you are already into surfing, go do it together! You will be getting a workout, catching some tan, and laughing at each other’s wipe outs at the same time!

This is a very classy hobby for romantic couples. You will play against one another within some friendly competition or you can challenge other couples. In one way or another, you’ll grow closer and have a mass of fun.

#14 Working out
You know how it is – a couple that works out together, stays together. This not only keeps you in great shape, but remaining an active person has been widely known to boost the sex drive, too.

#15 Learning a new language

This hobby may be beneficial in so many ways! It can be both quite amusing to study together and master up something you can use later, too.
Featured photo : Couple at Zapata Falls, US | Spring Feb Images
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November 21, 2017

How to get Replacement for Lost or Damaged Philhealth ID Card

In the event that you had accidentally lost or damaged your Philhealth ID here's our guide on how you can get repacement card for free.

1. Go to the nearest Philhealth Regional Office near you. Bring your old ID or make sure you still remember your Philhealth Number.

2. In the entrance, ask the guard where to get priority number ( they will usually refer you to Philhealth Assistance and Complaint Desk (PACD) window).

3. Get request from PACD and fill it out.

4. Submit request from to PACD and ask for priority number.

5. Proceed to Express counter and wait your number to be called.

In just 10 to 45 minutes of waiting (depende sa dami ng tao), the counter will release your new Philhealth ID Card without any charge.

Please note, for this new card to be valid you need to add 1x1 photo and affix your signature before having it laminated.

List of Philhealth Regional Offices and Branches

PRO I - Dagupan
PRO II - Tuguegarao
PRO III-A - San Fernando
PRO III-B - Malolos
PRO IV-A - Lucena
PRO IV-B - Batangas

PRO V - Legazpi

PRO VI - Iloilo

PRO VII - Cebu

PRO VIII - Tacloban

PRO IX - Zamboanga

PRO CAR - Baguio



PRO NCR Central - Quezon City

PRO NCR North - Manila



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September 21, 2017

How to Complete Return Request from Jet via goFlow

In this guide, you will learn to accomplish the following things:
- Check customer return items in Jet Order
-  Review all Jet's return merchandise in goFlow
- Receiving the return in goFlow and to complete the return
In Amazon or eBay, all the return request and refund features are accessible within the seller dashboard and everything can be processed in just a few seconds, however, in contrast, when you are using Jet Order platform, these features don't come very handy.  You need another tool like goFlow to process the refund of the return merchandise.
1. Login to Jet Partner Portal as seller:

2. Make sure your Jet Partner is set to Live not test mode.
3. In the dashboard, go to Orders > Returns tab

4. Select one of the returns and verify each Tracking Number ( copy and paste the tracking # to carrier's website to the track the package).
Tracking return item in FedEx

5. Verify if the item has been delivered back to your warehouse and get the merchant SKU.
6. Login to goFlow and go to Returns and search the merchant SKU (choose Item Number as the filter).

7. Once you found the order, open it and in the right corner, activity section click Receive.

8. Enter the number of the Received item by clicking the "+ " icon and click Next.

9. Click Save and the return status will become “Return in Full". –This means the return is already complete and customer refund has been issued.

Don’t be surprised. Searching the specific return in goFlow takes patience when there are other returns with same merchant SKUs. You need to go through each return and determine which one you're actually looking for by comparing quantity and item cost toe to toe. Also, you can’t use customer name or order # to search in goFlow.
If you accidentally close the return in goFlow, you can still re-open it by contacting the goFlow’s marketplace support team.
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September 20, 2017

How to Block Abusive Buyers or Bidders in eBay

Found some buyers who are not honest and will negative feedback just to see if they could get free stuff from the seller? Friend, you're not alone. This is rampant on eBay! The good news is you can actually block them forever.

In this tutorial, I will show you steps by steps on how you can block an abusive eBay buyer or bidder.

Let's go!
1. Log in to your eBay seller account.

2. In the upper right section of you eBay account double click My eBay
3. Scroll down a bit, in the Shortcuts section find  Block Bidders

4. In the Buyer/ Bidder Management click "Add an eBay user to my Blocked Bidder / Buyer list"

5. Add the Buyer ID you want to block separate by a comma and single space.

6 . You can block up to 5000 User IDs. To block a member, enter the member's user ID and click Submit. Separate user IDs with a comma.


  • To remove members from the blocked list, select the members' user ids and delete them. Remember to inform the members so they can resume bidding on your items.
  • You can restore a past blocked bidder/buyer list by clicking on Restore list. Remember, you can only restore blocked bidder/buyer lists from 3 months prior to today, inform the members so they can resume bidding on your items.
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March 14, 2017

Solved : Your IMAP Server Wants to Alert you to the following : cannot remove system folder

Have you been recently distracted so much by this Outlook error ? Don't worry you're not the only one having this issue in the world. According to Netizens, this error randomly affected lots of Outlook 2013 and Office users for sometime and our guide below is the tested remedy so far.

Steps to Fix IMAP Server Error: cannot remove system folder

1. Back up your Outook contacts. Follow this guide from Office 365 :

2. Close your outlook after back up is done

3. Search this path in your Windows:


4. In the address bar of windows explorer and rename your outlook folder. Restart Outlook and let it rebuild the data file.

Just rename the Outlook folder to anything

5. Your done! Your Outook emails will start syncing normally.

Need professional help? Please contact emails us at (bennix1986[at]
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February 16, 2017

Application for Police Officer 1 is now Online! #PNP #ROAS #PO1

The Non-Uniformed Personnel Affairs Division  of the Philippine National Police is now accepting applicants online through Recruitment Online Application System (ROAS) for PO1.


This is for CY 2017 PO1 Recruitment Program.. Please be informed that the Recruitment Online Application System is a web based and central recruitment application system that will simplify the submission of accomplished PNP PO1 Application Form. it will also address queries regarding the recruitment process. Further, this system will greatly help applicants to minimize the hassle or stress in applying to become a police officer.

You may apply thru on our opening date..


1. You need a scanned copy of your 2x2 Colored Picture with Name Tag, scanned copy of your TOR/DIPLOMA and scanned copy of your Eligibility.. You will upload this as a reference for our Recruitment Officers..

2. A working e-Mail address is mandatory, you can't apply when you dont have one..

3. Strictly no more walk-in applicants..

4. The website will be active on Feb. 1, 2017..

5. This will be implemented NATIONWIDE..

For inquiries and concerns, you may send us a message here or call us at (02)723-0401 local 4211..

Source: NUPA
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January 26, 2017

How to join as Non-Uniformed Personnel in the PNP #CivilianEmployee

What is NUP?

NUP stands for Non-Uniformed Personnel also known as Civilian Employee. In the Philippine National Police (PNP), the NUPs are employees who will take over clerical or any office-based duties currently being carried out by uniformed personnel with police skills and training.

The news civilian recruits would be deployed as crime registrars and radio operators for police regional and provincial offices as well as in municipal and barangay police stations.

With a Philippine population of 92 million, the 150,000-police force still lacks the manpower for the ideal police to population ratio, based on international standards, of one policeman for every 500 people.

To further narrow the gap, the DILG said it will also ask the DBM to approve the hiring of an additional 7,561 NUPs this year. This second batch of NUPs will be assigned at the National Support Units of the PNP, such as the Highway Patrol Group, the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group, and the Maritime Group, the statement said.

Steps in applying for NUP vacant positions

1st - Inquire at any of the following offices for the details of NUP recruitment:
a. NUP Affairs Section, ORPHRDD, PRO3, Camp Olivas, City of San Fernando, Pampanga
Telephone Number (045) 435-19-81
b. Admin Section of Headquarters Police Provincial Office
c. Admin PNCOs of municipal/city police station.
d. Watch out recruitment quota updates at NUPA page :

2nd - Complete all the documentary requirements if you are qualified to the vacant position you are applying for.

3rd - Submit two (2) application folders containing duly authenticated documents by the issuing agency/office with the corresponding official receipt of payments to:

 - Admin PNCOs of the municipal/city police station/Headquarters Police Provincial Office where
the item you are applying for belongs.
- Target date of submission of folders to Admin PNCOs: To be announced.


- Neuro-Psychiatric evaluation, drug test and medical examination of new applicants – (Schedule to be announced later (TBAL) 
- Applicants will be notified by Admin PNCOs of municipal/city police stations/Headquarters PPO thru their contact numbers.

The schedule for the said examinations will also be posted at the following venues:

a. NUP Affairs Section, ORPHRDD, PRO3, Camp Olivas, City of San Fernando, Pampanga
b. Admin Section of Headquarters Police Provincial Office
c. Admin Section of municipal/city police station
d. NUPA website :

Note : Considering that there are no allocated funds for the conduct of Neuropsychiatric Examination, 

Medical Examinations and Drug Test, applicants shall be required to shoulder the necessary fee for the purpose.


1. Download Personal Data Sheet (PDS) - 4 pages in l pdf format l excel format l
2. Affidavit of undertaking for in-service applicants
3. Folder nametag
4. Table of contents for in-service applicants
5. Table of contents for new applicants
6. PRO3 add'l plantilla positions
7. Salary schedule


In the screening and Evaluation of applicants, strict adherence to PNP Memorandum Circular No. 2013-018 dated November 18, 2013, re Merit Selection and Promotion Plan (MSPP) for NUP must be observed.


Selection of NUP for appointment in the PNP shall be open to all qualified men and women according to the principle of merit and fitness;

There shall be equal employment opportunity for men and women at all levels of position, provided they meet the minimum requirements of the position to be filled-up;

Relatives of PNP personnel (uniformed and non-uniformed) up to the third civil degree either by affinity or consanguinity shall be prohibited from applying to vacancies within the office/unit where the PNP personnel is appointed or assigned;

The appointment in the PNP of an NUP applicant who comes from another government department or agency shall be a case of Transfer without break in service involving the issuance of an appointment;
The earned Leave Credits of an applicant who was appointed by Transfer shall be monetized at his/her former agency or department prior to his/her transfer of appointment in the PNP;

Applicants who resigned, retired or were honourably separated from the PNP uniformed personnel service shall only be considered in the non-uniformed service of the PNP after a period of one (1) year from their resignation, retirement or separation from the PNP uniformed service;

An original appointee shall serve a probationary period of six (6) months following his/her original appointment and shall undergo a thorough character investigation. A probationer may be dropped from the service for unsatisfactory conduct or want of capacity any time before the expiration of the probationary period;

The Head of Office shall ensure that a notice of termination for unsatisfactory conduct or want of capacity is properly issued to the concerned probationer (NUP) before the expiration of the six (6) months probationary period, otherwise, the appointment automatically becomes permanent.

Mandatory Requirements

The NUP SSBs shall not consider an applicant who:

1. Does not meet the qualifications for the position;

2. Has been found guilty of crime involving moral turpitude, or of infamous, disgraceful conduct, or addition to narcotics, or dishonesty;

3. Has been dismissed from the service for cause unless an executive clemency has been granted; or

4. Has intentionally made a false statement of any material fact or has practiced or attempted to practice any deception or fraud in connection with his/her appointment.

5 . Neuro Psychiatric, Medical Examinations and Drug Test (New Applicants only)

6. Upon resolution of the PRO NUP Screening and Selection Board (PNUP SSB) that subject 
applicants qualified for the initial screening, direct said applicants to undergo Neuro-Psychiatric and 

7. Medical Examinations only at the duly accredited government hospitals/diagnostic centers. Only upon validation by the Regional Health Service that said results will be accepted/recognized;

8. Drug test shall only be administered by the PNP Crime Laboratories. All applicants who fail in the drug test shall no longer be allowed to re-apply in any other NUP position;

9. Considering that there are no allocated funds for the conduct of Neuro Psychiatric Examination,

10. Medical Examinations and Drug Test, applicants shall be required to shoulder the necessary fee for the purpose.

11. All applicants who shall fail in the drug test shall no longer be allowed to re-apply in any other NUP position.

12. Character and Background Investigation (CBI) (New Applicants only)

13. No applicant (new) shall be allowed to take oath of office unless a certificate of complete character and background investigation (CBI) has been issued by the Regional Intelligence Division (RID) with further clearance from the Director for Intelligence Division (DI) with the end in view of determining character reputation and possible involvement in any questionable or criminal activity.

14. All applicants with derogatory reports shall no longer be allowed to re-apply in any other NUP position.

Salary and Benefits of PNP NUP

Remunerations include P16,051 monthly base pay for the highest item (Salary Grade 9) while P11,181 monthly base pay for lowest item (Salary Grade 4) plus other benefits such as monthly allowance, one-year uniform and clothing allowance, 13th month pay and bonuses as well as monthly GSIS, PAG-IBIG and PhilHealth contributions.

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