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Whether you’re a newbie or veteran user in Twitter accept the fact that there are two types of followers you will encounter; the active and inactive one.

The active one is simply you’re followers who always visits Twitter, post updates,&  re-post  other’s post. They love to compliment and interact to other people. They won’t miss a trend.

 While the inactive is the opposite one, lack of interest to engage, very passive, and almost abandon her/his account. In short, inactive followers are just dead / lazy / busy and even fake followers. And these inactive followers could be you also.
Well, not just of the type followers but of users as well:

Mashable posted the 10 Users You Will Meet on Twitter , it provides clear insights that people coming to Twitter has different interest and personalities. So, you can’t please and engage with everyone. As what experts said,it always  takes time to build rapport with you and your followers. 20 Days to a High-Quality, Highly-Engaged Twitter Following, the author mentioned that the more engaged the follower, the more likely they are going to exchange value with you…whether by subscribing to your blog or actually paying you money for your product or service.

Quality vs Quantity

Why active followers are important to marketers? Though huge numbers of fake followers will portray your business or company as influential outside but in the long run you need bunch of active followers to help you promote your stuff in Twitter. If those active followers are bloggers and online experts, you can even offer to establish a mutual partnership that can benefit both parties.

Tools to Analyze and find Active Followers

Active followers are not hard to find but just don’t rely on Twitter platform, find useful third party tool that will enable you to analyze follower’s activity and trends.

Though the simplest way to check your follower’s activity is by going to:, there are free third-party tool that can help you analyze your follower’s activity and find new active followers better.
For this tutorial, I recommend my two favorite tools: TwitterDeck and

TwitterDeck –Allows you to login without registration by using your Twitter credentials. TwitterDeck has a streamline interface, it provides real-time view of your followers activity, notifications, messages, and  live tweets.  Usually, I use TwitterDeck to find active followers by looking through the activity column; I can easily communicate and follow them. Also, it allows you to easily spot online users that if you follow them there’s good chance that they will notice you and follow you back instantly. Cool right?

Like in the Twitter interface, you can also follow, tweet back, send DM, mute, and black followers using TwitterDeck. Cons, you can’t do mass following or unfollowing. But above all this tool is totally free. – It’s a known free tool for Twitter. Using Tweepi it allows you to easily  flush users who don’t follow you back or reciprocate following.With Tweepi you can easily spot inactive users, force them to unfollow you or cleanup. An added feature, the Geeky Follow via copy/paste utility to Tweepi. You can use this Tweepi tool to see loads of information about those tweeps, see who follows you of them, and even follow or unfollow select users using Tweepi simple interface. Upgrading to Premium subscription will provide more flexible features for a social media savvy.

I am using Tweepi since last year for my client’s and I am very happy for the good results.

PS : I wrote this post a year ago and it’s funny how this took so long to be published.. I hope it would still help you guys..I’ll update if I find something cool out there..Salamat

As what we have posted last year, Davao City had planned to converge its BPO and IT sectors by putting up an IT Park in Matina area - consists of 3 buildings beside S&R Shopping (along McArthur Highway).

The first building which was constructed since last year is now near in completion..see the photos below (double click to view in full).

Nestled in a 3,000-square-meter, the first building project cost estimated to be around P100 million.

For the second phase, the building will rise in a 2,000-square-meter lot while the third phase will have a total of 1,500 square meters.

The Matina IT Park is expected to be the biggest IT Park to rise soon in Mindanao with the capacity to accommodate huge BPO companies and generate thousand jobs for the locals.

ICT Davao is promoting four IT areas in the city; Damosa IT Park, SM City Davao , Abreeza Mall and soon the , Matina IT Park.

I'll update soon this post..
ICT Davao is promoting four IT areas in the city---Damosa IT Park, SM City Davao , Abreeza Mall and soon the , Matina IT Park. - See more at:
Expected to be the biggest IT Park soon in Mindanao to accommodate more BPOs that could produce 1,500 call center agents and other allied service workers. - See more at:
Expected to be the biggest IT Park soon in Mindanao to accommodate more BPOs that could produce 1,500 call center agents and other allied service workers. - See more at:

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or commonly known as drone is being eyed in Davao City as a tool for disaster and emergency response, reported in Mindanao news site on Sunday.

The city's Public Security and Safety Command Center (PSSCC) Chief Francisco Villaroman said he has proposed to the city government to invest in aerial drones for emergency response situations after testing a unit a week after the April 4-5 fire that hit two barangays in Isla Verde.

Duterte, he said, would be the one to decide if the city can afford drones and whether to use the device as a regular unit of the city’s Central 911 emergency response system.

He said the drones cost around P80,000 commercially and could be able to zoom in to focus on distant subjects on the ground if upgraded with cameras with zoom-in capabilities.

Villaroman had earlier said in several Facebook postings that he was impressed with the capabilities of the Quad Copter Phantom 2 drone, which allowed city officials a wider visual perspective of the extent of the damage of the fire that hit barangays 22C and 23C last April 4, and rendered homeless some 3,000 families.

He said the city could use “other modern apparatus to avert crime and terrorism, calamity mitigation, and traffic accident monitoring.

“For example, during a robbery, it would be very easy to spot a car that escaped a crime scene if we had something like that,” Villaroman said.

It can be remembered that in 2013, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte reportedly rejected a U.S government proposal  to utilize the city's old report as an operating base for its drone program against terrorism and insurgency.[]

Love to watch free movies online? This list is for you! All you need to have is a good Internet connection, flash-updated browse, and your pc/ smartphone to view more of these video streaming sites. 
Tips: Some sites listed here allows video downloading with Flash video downloader like Internet Download Manager (IDM ) or Firefox flash video downloader plugin.

Active Streaming sites for Online Movies /  TV Shows / Documentaries / Sports Videos

A user-friendly sites to watch movies and TV shows online. Offers instant access to huge database and no signups no registration. No annoying ads while watching (ads opens on the separate window), always updated with the latest shows and the interface is absolutely professional!..Plus it loads up video fast.

A good site to watch old movies. Less advertisement banner and every movie have its rating / short description. You can find movies by year, genre, countries or language options. With new movies / trailers featured in the homepage.  

Want to catch a replay of your favorite US TV shows? This site offers bunch of TV-series movies to watch, arranged in alphabetical order. You need to tap the file server where its currently hooked up; I used to view on Vksource / Vidspot or PutLocker. Some links are dead.The best thing to do is play the video and grab it using a flash video downloader.

Another site where you can find high quality movies and TV shows through Putlocker or Sockshare links. Its bombarded with ads! But it has massive database, Im sure you can find a great one to watch. 

Offers bunch of movies, TV Shows, Cartoons, Anime, Docu, Sports and others videos to watch. You can use the direct link or the sponsored link to stream but Im not sure if free to view externally. The good thing, it has less annoying ads and episodes are arranged well. The redesigned interface allows users to easily navigate and find the best  movies.

Here you can search by popularity, date, quality, and genre. High Definition links are available and short reviews. 

This is the best website to stream HD movies. Tubeplus also gives you quick access to reviews, trailers, and scores for each movie. 

This is our fastest growing contender! Movie4k is depot star in the online streaming scene! Here you'll find multilingual movie options and lots of updated HD links. Very popular in Germany and very easy to use! Generally fast most of the time.

The old school streaming champion! Project-Free Tv may look like its on the way out - but it remains a great website with updated links and a pleasing lack of pop-up ads! When you search a given TV Show you automatically land on the most recent episode :)

All titles on Zmovie appear with an IMDb rating - which allowsyou to browse through and see what might be nice to watch. We also like that each link has a quality score to detect broken links. 

Movies only. For those that like to browse by genre or year, FMA is the place to go! Freemoviesaddict includes a written summary and trailer for each title that will help you decide what to watch.

  4. (US Only)


To be updated soon..

Are you in an area with a very slow internet connection, killing your Youtube habits? Here's a little remedy to your frustration.Switch to Youtube Feather Beta feature now..According to Youtube the "Feather" Beta version  is intended to serve YouTube video watch pages with the lowest latency possible. It achieves this by severely limiting the features available to the viewer and making use of advanced web techniques for reducing the total amount of bytes downloaded by the browser.

The Youtube "Feather" Beta helps speed up buffering  to load YouTube video faster in a slow internet connection by removing extra information panel.The only cons you might encounter, some videos don't work with feather beta and it also hide the comment section.

To activate YouTube feather beta go to this link and then click “Join Feather Beta” link to enable YouTube Feather beta on your account.If you choose to deactivate just open same link and click Leave" Feather" Beta button.

Do you have additional tips to share?Pls hit the comment box :)

Can't login with your Skype suddenly even you entered valid credentials? ..And had notice a Skype Disk I/O error warning? Don't panic.This error is a very common one in Skype, just follow the tips below on how to fix it easily.

Solution 1: Get updated version
First make sure to install a new version of Skype.Open your skype go to > Help > Check for updates.Just follow the process.

Solution 2 : Try old stable version
If the new version doesn't help, reinstall it and get the older version here:

After installing this version, make sure to disable the Automatic updates:
 Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Automatic updates ->Turn off automatic updates

Skype Disk I/O Error Screenshot

Solution 3 : Deleting Skype DbTemp Folder
Go to Windows Start and in the Search/Run box type %temp%\skype and then press Enter or click the OK button. Delete the DbTemp folder.

Solution 4:  Skype Reset
Terminate the skype app.In your the run menu type in : %appdata%  then, hit enter.  Rename Skype to Skypeold.  Restart Skype and see if the problem is resolved.

Solution 5: Run Skype as Administration
Sometimes Windows UAC blocking sort of necessary process Skype has to run. Find the skype icon in your desktop, right click select Properties, Compatibility tab, Change Settings For All Users, Run This Program As Administrator.

I hope these options works for you.

 Apple had released a new security updates for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch last Friday. The iOS 7.0.6 update protect phones against potential attacks that might compromise data in secure sessions.In the recent updates, Apple disclose that the problem was related to Secure Transport, failed to validate the authenticity of the connection and the said issue was addressed by restoring missing validation steps.

To update your Apple gadget with  iOS 7.0.6 Security patch just go to Settings > General > Software Update > Download and Install

iOS 7.0.6

Data Security
Available for: iPhone 4 and later, iPod touch (5th generation), iPad 2 and later
Impact: An attacker with a privileged network position may capture or modify data in sessions protected by SSL/TLS
Description: Secure Transport failed to validate the authenticity of the connection. This issue was addressed by restoring missing validation steps.
The, explained that it seems in at least one prior version of iOS, a hacker may have been able to retrieve and alter data that should have been protected by encryption. Apple says that this happened because the operating system failed to validate the connection's security. Given the explanation's limited details, it's hard to judge just how serious this vulnerability may have been. But even so, it appears that it could have been a quite damaging, suggesting Apple had good reason to release the update quickly.