September 21, 2017

How to Complete Return Request from Jet via goFlow

In this guide, you will learn to accomplish the following things:
- Check customer return items in Jet Order
-  Review all Jet's return merchandise in goFlow
- Receiving the return in goFlow and to complete the return
In Amazon or eBay, all the return request and refund features are accessible within the seller dashboard and everything can be processed in just a few seconds, however, in contrast, when you are using Jet Order platform, these features don't come very handy.  You need another tool like goFlow to process the refund of the return merchandise.
1. Login to Jet Partner Portal as seller:

2. Make sure your Jet Partner is set to Live not test mode.
3. In the dashboard, go to Orders > Returns tab

4. Select one of the returns and verify each Tracking Number ( copy and paste the tracking # to carrier's website to the track the package).
Tracking return item in FedEx

5. Verify if the item has been delivered back to your warehouse and get the merchant SKU.
6. Login to goFlow and go to Returns and search the merchant SKU (choose Item Number as the filter).

7. Once you found the order, open it and in the right corner, activity section click Receive.

8. Enter the number of the Received item by clicking the "+ " icon and click Next.

9. Click Save and the return status will become “Return in Full". –This means the return is already complete and customer refund has been issued.

Don’t be surprised. Searching the specific return in goFlow takes patience when there are other returns with same merchant SKUs. You need to go through each return and determine which one you're actually looking for by comparing quantity and item cost toe to toe. Also, you can’t use customer name or order # to search in goFlow.
If you accidentally close the return in goFlow, you can still re-open it by contacting the goFlow’s marketplace support team.
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September 20, 2017

How to Block Abusive Buyers or Bidders in eBay

Found some buyers who are not honest and will negative feedback just to see if they could get free stuff from the seller? Friend, you're not alone. This is rampant on eBay! The good news is you can actually block them forever.

In this tutorial, I will show you steps by steps on how you can block an abusive eBay buyer or bidder.

Let's go!
1. Log in to your eBay seller account.

2. In the upper right section of you eBay account double click My eBay
3. Scroll down a bit, in the Shortcuts section find  Block Bidders

4. In the Buyer/ Bidder Management click "Add an eBay user to my Blocked Bidder / Buyer list"

5. Add the Buyer ID you want to block separate by a comma and single space.

6 . You can block up to 5000 User IDs. To block a member, enter the member's user ID and click Submit. Separate user IDs with a comma.


  • To remove members from the blocked list, select the members' user ids and delete them. Remember to inform the members so they can resume bidding on your items.
  • You can restore a past blocked bidder/buyer list by clicking on Restore list. Remember, you can only restore blocked bidder/buyer lists from 3 months prior to today, inform the members so they can resume bidding on your items.
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March 14, 2017

Solved : Your IMAP Server Wants to Alert you to the following : cannot remove system folder

Have you been recently distracted so much by this Outlook error ? Don't worry you're not the only one having this issue in the world. According to Netizens, this error randomly affected lots of Outlook 2013 and Office users for sometime and our guide below is the tested remedy so far.

Steps to Fix IMAP Server Error: cannot remove system folder

1. Back up your Outook contacts. Follow this guide from Office 365 :

2. Close your outlook after back up is done

3. Search this path in your Windows:


4. In the address bar of windows explorer and rename your outlook folder. Restart Outlook and let it rebuild the data file.

Just rename the Outlook folder to anything

5. Your done! Your Outook emails will start syncing normally.

Need professional help? Please contact emails us at (bennix1986[at]
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February 16, 2017

Application for Police Officer 1 is now Online! #PNP #ROAS #PO1

The Non-Uniformed Personnel Affairs Division  of the Philippine National Police is now accepting applicants online through Recruitment Online Application System (ROAS) for PO1.


This is for CY 2017 PO1 Recruitment Program.. Please be informed that the Recruitment Online Application System is a web based and central recruitment application system that will simplify the submission of accomplished PNP PO1 Application Form. it will also address queries regarding the recruitment process. Further, this system will greatly help applicants to minimize the hassle or stress in applying to become a police officer.

You may apply thru on our opening date..


1. You need a scanned copy of your 2x2 Colored Picture with Name Tag, scanned copy of your TOR/DIPLOMA and scanned copy of your Eligibility.. You will upload this as a reference for our Recruitment Officers..

2. A working e-Mail address is mandatory, you can't apply when you dont have one..

3. Strictly no more walk-in applicants..

4. The website will be active on Feb. 1, 2017..

5. This will be implemented NATIONWIDE..

For inquiries and concerns, you may send us a message here or call us at (02)723-0401 local 4211..

Source: NUPA
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January 22, 2017

Where to Find IBAN, BIC or Swift codes for Union Bank of the Philippines?

Need to process bank to bank money transfer overseas through Union Bank in the Philippines? If yes, then, you need to know of their IBAN and Switf codes!

What is UnionBank’s SWIFT Code?

SWIFT stands for the Society for Worldwide InterBank Financial Transactions and is used to facilitate transfers between banks in different countries. UnionBank’s SWIFT code is UBPHPHMM.

What is an IBAN number and what is UnionBank’s IBAN number?

IBAN refers to International Bank Account Number. This number is used as an identifier mostly by European banks. As UnionBank is not a European bank, we do not have an IBAN number, however, we have indicated the IBAN number of our correspondent banks.

Why remit via a Correspondent Bank?

A Correspondent Bank is a bank in which UnionBank has an account in. We highly recommend remitting via a Correspondent bank as a different bank may charge additional fees and create longer turn-around time which may affect date of receipt of funds.

Here is the full list of UBP correspondent bank including their designated Swift codes and IBAN:

Using the IBAN and SWIFT for cross-border payments is an advantage as payments are rarely delayed. As no manual processing is involved, the transaction costs are lower.

Source: UB FAQs
Image credit: UnionBank (c) Business World
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December 13, 2016

Close Up Song Commercial 2016 - Janella & Elmo

You want to know what's the title of the 2016 Close Up commercial song of Janella Salvador and Elmo Magalona?

Here you go! The title of the melowful song is "Just A Smile" by Up Dharma Down.

And here is the the much-awaited music video courtesy of Closeup Philippines on Youtube:

Aside from being one of the favored toothpaste brands in the country today, Close-up is also famous for its commercial jingles eversince..
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October 20, 2016

17 Signs to watch out if your neighborhood owns Shabu Lab or Illegal Drugs Facilities

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) has provided a list indicating the possible presence of a clandestine laboratory used in the manufacture of illegal drugs in an area.
The following tell-tale signs of the presence of a shabu lab in your neighborhood were listed in a Philippine Information Agency article.

They are the following:
1. presence of large water tanks
2. thick electrical wires for houses or facilities which should have normal-sized wires
3. laboratory materials surrounding the properties like empty chemical bottles, drums, and other types of chemical containers
4. specially-constructed chimney or ventilation fan which run for extended hours to get rid of strong odors
5. strong chemical odors (solvent-like) coming from the facility
6. persons in the premises seldom come out but they do come out to smoke, to avoid igniting highly explosive chemicals inside
7. excessive or irregular water waste coming out of the premises
8. presence of waste chemicals
9. discarded materials used to store chemicals
10. residents who burn their trash instead of discarding them
11. use of security cameras
12. odd locks and bars on windows
13. heavy security like the presence of watch dogs, high fences, and barb wires
14. every opening of the facility is covered or tinted
15. persons going about their business at odd hours
16. no traffic or activity during daytime, but there's traffic or activity at wee hours
17. frequent visitors with expensive cars.
PDEA encourages the citizenry to report suspected illegal drug activities and presence of a clandestine laboratory in their community by texting PDEA 24/7 SMS/Text Center’s numbers: For SMART subscribers, 09998887332.  Globe and Sun Cellular subscribers may use the number 09279150616 and 09255737332, respectively, or by calling mobile number 09393960627 and landline numbers (02) 920-0735 and (02) 920-0736.
Sources: PIA/ PDEA/ Journal 
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