Free Philippine Civil Service Exam Reviewer(Updated 2015)

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What is the Civil Service Exam? 

Civil Exam is a comprehensive test given to professionals who aspire to work in government office with permanent status.Passing the exam is a prerequisite to many government jobs at the local, state and federal levels. These civil service jobs may each require a different civil service exam, depending on the situation. Questions are generally split between those related to general knowledge and academics, as well as specific knowledge requirements based on the job .

How to pass the Civil Service Exam?  

The best thing to do in order to pass the CS exam is to understand it and be prepared.Some says stock knowledge is very important instead of memorization .Off course you need to manage your time very well in answering each question ( mas maganda unahin mo yung madaling sagutan to avoid wasting your time) and read instruction carefully.

If you have an ample time left before the examination date taking a review is smart thing to do.You can download our free Civl Service Reviewer  below:


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Pls don't email me anymore asking for a copy of the civil service reviewer.You can download it right away, just click the download link provided above.Enjoy!

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