December 24, 2011

Poll: Your top 3 reasons why Leaving Blogger/Blosgpot in the future?

For nearly a decade Blogger /Blogspot which was acquired by Google in 2003 has been the #1 choice of bloggers worldwide  nowadays but it’s rival”” is also dominating the web by powering over 50 millions blogs as of this year.The fact shows that those well-known and successful blogger nowadays are once a Blogspot user but opt in the long run .How come Blogger is only a training ground?  Why those bloggers left blogspot and never come back?
I know this issue has been brought countless times in the Internet but this moment, Bennixville want to gather some concrete data about why people leave Blogger / Blogspot when the time they've gained progress.By joining the poll below will helps a lot to tell.Who knows it might change or improve Blogger in the future by letting them know.

Top Reasons of why Leaving Blogger / Blogspot

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Content Optimization Problem0%
Lack of Customer Support0%
SEO-related issues0%
Blog / Content Ownership issue0%
Lack of Plugins / Widgets update0%
Security-related concerns0%
Not Satisfied with Features such as Labels,Team blogging, etc0%
Limited to Professional and Business level needs0%
Unfriendly Terms of Service0%
Other: (Please specify)0%
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Thanks a lot for your participation. Please share this post to many people especially to former Blogspot users and encourage them also to join the poll. Don’t forget to subscribe and leave your comment below. 
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December 22, 2011

Analyze Your Site As A Search Engine Spider

Top companies are paying a huge sum of money to SEO firms to get their website on top of Google search results. Making your website search engine spider friendly is an important SEO technique to fine-tune your website for the search engine robots and to see for yourself how they in-turn see your site. In case you’re wondering what search engine spiders are, they are computing-based robots, which index pages after pages over the web. Spiders use the search engine algorithms to evaluate the quality of your web page and gives ranking to the page based on the algorithm. The key to get new web pages quickly indexed with Google is to add a reference to them in the page that is more frequently visited by the spiders.
Image by
Your web pages may have many flaws that might not be visible to you, but with the use of tools such as Search Engine Simulator you can see how Google and other search engines view your web pages. While spiders love text, just creating text-based web pages might not result in an interesting content for your readers. Search engines particularly don’t love flash, JavaScript and text-embedded images in your web pages. Using them on your pages may alter the way spiders comprehend your website and can affect the page rank. One must try to minimize the use of Flash in web pages, and even if one uses them, the key text shouldn’t be embedded in it as search engines wouldn’t index it, making your website an island on the web. In case of images text should be specified in the alt tag or description of the image instead of being embedded in the image itself.
The other major components that determine quality of your web pages are inbound and outbound hyperlinks on your page. It is even more important to have relevant keywords in your hyperlinks from search engine point of view. This will help you know how spiders index your menus and categories. You should avoid using no follow or javascript based menus and hyperlinks as search engines do not index such links. You will know which of your web pages have expired and should add no follow tag to them so that spiders are not directed to a non-existent page. This might affect the reliability and therefore the ranking of your website. You must try to link all your pages to each other as this represents better integration of information and easy to browse website.
Search engine simulators not only tell you how search engines view your website but also help you with the important keywords and the keyword density on your web pages. With the introduction of new algorithms stuffing your web pages with keyword might overkill the readability of your website and the search engines might get suspicious whether you’re proving quality content to your readers or are just creating search engine friendly pages. It is important to use different keyword in an optimum number that gives the spiders of the context of your web page as well as keeps your page interesting for the reader.
A guest article by: Bethany is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of gadgets. Recently an article on  Cool gadgets attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on Sharp calculators
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My Adsense Ads are all gone? can't place 3 ads-solved

I was a little bit shocked this morning when I open my blog that there were no even single Adsense ads appear though it works properly last night.Adsense is acting weird. My thought came up directly if Google had banned me? Awes! That's a tragic Christmas will be but I certainly don't fret 'coz I am not guilty of anything related to big G

While checking my other site it has the same problem but the ads below the post show up(it was implemented by code not widget) so, I concluded that I have no issue with my account. I just don't know what is really going on. The Adsense widget are intact but it doesn't show up.
my gf don't freak like
I check the ads in the upper part of my template and I found out that it was changed to Large Rectangle while in the sidebar was replaced by another ads size.It's really weird becuase the ads sizes got interchanged in different ads location in my two blogs.After I have re-arranged it , all ads show up well.

Do you experience like this? Is it a bug or has to do with my template?

3 Adsense ads Problem

I have another problem with Adsense during last two months after I have implemented an adsense code inside my post area wherein I couldn’t add up 3 ads running ads in whatever types. In short talk, I could only make 2 Adsense ads running and the 3rd won't show up in any location or types. 

I haven't contacted the Adsense team yet about these problem but I am glad that after the incident this morning, my blog can run 3 ads perfectly now.

Hope all you well. ty for reading.
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December 20, 2011

Inside Windows 7 Performance Edition

Have you tried the Windows 7 Performance Edition(PE)?Windows 7 PE is not actually released by Microsoft it’s only a tweaked version of Windows 7 operating system customized by hackers to run faster even on slow PC’s(XP has a PE version too). Note: I won’t be promoting piracy here or talk about morality concerns I will only share what I have experienced with Win 7
One of the packs that I have tried is from Neo Reconia Sys. a SP1 64-bit Ultimate Win 7 PE. I have downloaded it through torrent for almost 4 days because the file is as huge as the original one. (unlike WinXP PE that it stream down to 298mb something from 700mb so, it’s very light to download and burn to a CD)

It Needs a Product Key for Activation
Here’s what I find out, it requires a valid product key for activation so, if you have a valid keys try to enter it or otherwise turn off the OS update to avoid Microsoft block your PC. Install it with your own risk.

I hate the installation Wizard Colors
My installation was successfully however not as fast as the original one and I really hate the background colors in the installation wizard, it’s too light and irritating to stare. Maybe the hacker should change it to a very simple one or revert it to the original interface.  

Fast Copying Files
Compared to the original one, the Win 7 PE works faster in terms of file handling because of its slim interface and less visual effects. I think my PC gain almost 25% optimize speed in moving files around without using a third party software.

Fast to load and Easy to Navigate
If you love XP the way it works so simple then, Win7 PE could be your option. It has same interface with original Win 7 however, the Aero glassy looks was removed and the icons was looking techie. When you right click in the desktop you can access directly the Add /Remove Program, Control Panel, Power Options, Show/Hide Hidden Files, Run, and Task manager menu .In terms of loading I am satisfied with its speed, its  less freezing when opening more windows at the same time and no auto-expand effects when a window  touch the screen edge.

Pre-Installed Softwares:
·         Firefox 4
·         myPhoneExpress
·         IMGBurn
·         Yahoo Messenger
·         Notepad++
·         VLC  Media Player

I just want to remind you again that try it with your own risk. Thanks for reading.Please leave a comment if you have some suggestions or concerns. Merry Christmas to all!!!  
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December 16, 2011

Cherry Mobile T8 Touch TV goes Christmas Sale for P1,999 only!

Another Christmas sale offer from Cherry Mobile, T8 goes P1,999 only from December 15 to 18, 2011 on all CM’s outlets nationwide (Original price P3,499)

Cherry Mobile T8 Specs and Features:
-Mobile TV
-2.6" TFT touchscreen LCD( 1600x1200 pixels)
-Dual SIM
-Full Touch
-2MP Camera
-Multimedia Player (supports MP4, MP3,3GP, WAV, MIDI)
-Wireless FM with recording
-Bluetooth 2.0
-3.5mm Jack and USB Port
-Up to 8GB expandable storage
-Java capable and has built-in games

Available Colors:  Black / White

Cherry Mobile T8 has a Loudspeaker,G- Sensor, WAP, eBook-Reader, Alarm Clock, Calendar, Calculator, Stopwatch, Gyroscope, and Flash Light

That was the most affordable touch TV handset that you should grab this Christmas. Mark the date…

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How to maintain more Peasants / Slaves in Stronghold Crusader game?

Like in many other games, Peasants or Slaves are very important characters in Stronghold Crusader .They served as your laborer, farmer, wood cutter, miner and even train to become an army or weapon engineer in the whole game. The more peasants you have the  greater advantage against your opponent.

These tutorial is intended for newbie players of Stronghold Crusader who find hard the game to survive because the lack of understanding on the system basically about maintaining their number of Peasants in the game.

1.First, build more shelter for peasants called Hovel. The palace or Keep normally holds a number of peasants but when it’s full you need to build more Hovels. Each Hovel could increase your keep population by 8.

2.While getting more peasants, build more Farms and Food processing buildings to avoid granary stock shortage.

          -Farm Buildings- Dairy Farm, Hop Farm, Wheat Farm and Orchard
          -Food Processing- Granary, Bakery, Mill , Brewery and Inn

3.Build a Market place while increasing your stones and iron production. Wood is also necessary to build more structures. MarketPlace is the venue where you can trade foods if you encounter food shortage.

4.If your peasants begin sleeping or disappearing this means that your popularity is about to fall or your granary is out of stocks or foods supply too low. Check your food stocks by clicking the popularity book>food.

5.If you have a lot of money go to the  Market Place then, Trade foods to summoned more peasants again. Always check your granary to avoid low food stocks.

6.Avoid overcrowding the Keep if possible convert extra peasants immediately to military units. Overcrowding can easily drain your food stocks.

7.Your enemy is always aggressive to attack your peasants because they’re your life blood in the game so, if possible protect them as you can by fortifying and guarding their structure. You should place high walls or cover them with concrete towers. Also, don’t forget to add Wells near them just in case of fire attacks.

Remember that you need to balance this 3 things to summoned more peasants; money, shelter, and food productions.

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December 13, 2011

uRexsoft Video Converter Platinum and iPhone DVD Ripper Christmas Giveaway

uRexsoft,a leading multimedia  software producer focus on video converting and backup had an advance Christmas gift to their users. A free license uRex Video Converter Platinum and uRex iPhone DVD Ripper will be given away for your joyful Christmas video at home or with friends that you will definitely upload to you blog or in YouTube.
How to get that free stuff?
To get a free uRex Video Converter Platinum click download .After downloading install it and use this Activation code:
Note: No free upgrade but free Tech-Support

Never miss also the uRex iPhone DVD Ripper, follow the 5 Ways Below to Win uRex iPhone DVD Ripper With Free & Lifetime Upgrade.

1: Like the uRex Facebook Page.
2: Share this converter giveaway any SNS page like Facebook, twitter, Google+. 
Those who have more than 300 friends or followers will be able to get a license with for free & upgrade.
3: Share the news of this video converter giveaway on forum more than 200 visitors of the thread.
4: Publish free converter news on your blog or other website with Alexa rank below 500,000.
5: Recommend uRex Video Converter Platinum or giveaway news to 8 or more friends via email.

Please provide the link you share then, send it to to get the free upgrade code.The giveaway is until December 30, 2011 only.
If you don’t feel to join just share this things to your online friends. Merry Christmas!
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December 12, 2011

Cheapest Cherry Mobile Touch TV T2 and Wi-Fi W1 for Christmas

I missed to inform you about the QT60 Tryo (Triple SIM) offered for only P1,990 from Nov . 30 to Dec. 4 nevertheless, all for this Christmas season Cherry Mobile wants you to have their most affordable  touch phones, the Touch TV T2 and Wi-Fi TV W1 is now only Php1, 999 for and Php3, 499 respectively.

Cherry Mobile W1(Php3, 499) Specification

-Dual SIM Touchscreen Wi-Fi Phone
-GSM/EDGE Triband
-3.2" 400x240 pixels TFT WQVGA
-3.2 MP Camera
-MP3/MP4 player/Stereo FM Radio
-Expandable memory up to 16GB
-Trackpad Navigation
-Bluetooth/GPRS/USB/3.5mm jack
-Java capable

No’s: No Accelerometer, No pen calibration, No themes, no GPS, no flash
Value-Added Features :Java, Google search, MSN, Yahoo messenger, Gtalk, Opera mini, Facebook, Twitter, Games,world lock, Health, Stopwatch, E-book reader, TV receiver, Multimedia Player( support mpeg 4. MIDI, MP3,WAV, AMR, AAC)

W1 has a good Youtube streaming and fast Wi-Fi connectivity, clear Google map view

Cherry Mobile T2(Php1, 999) Specifications:

-2.4" full touchscreen(240 x 320 pixels)
- 122.5K Internal Mem (expandable memory up to 8 GB)
-1.3 megapixels camera
-Dual-sim handset
-Mobile TV
-wireless FM radio
-microsd card slot up to 8GB
-3.5mm audio jack
-USB port
-5 days battery life (standby mode)
-Available Colors: White / Black

No’s: No Java, No Wi-Fi, GPS, EDGE
Value-Added Features: Built-in games, Cherry Shop, Calendar/Calculator/Alarm, Multimedia player (support MP3, 3GP, WAV & MPEG 4), Vibration and WAP.

Mark the dates and complete your Christmas with those affordable touch handsets!
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SEOClerk-The best hub to find Affordable SEO Services and Freelancers to Earn

Are you looking for a marketplace to venture your SEO products and services? Do you need someone to do an affordable SEO for you? Or you’re a SEO freelancer wants to earn with your skills? Then, try SEOClerk, a free to join SEO freelancing site that allow their members to create and post SEO-related offers called”GIG” with corresponding deadline of completion and  affordable cost for the buyers.

There are lots of listed offers by SEO professionals and freelancers to choose  for your business or even you could earn with your link building skills.

Easy to buy SEO Offers
Using SEOClerk buyers could quickly choose the most affordable SEO offer that suits their needs. A free registration is required to allow both buyers and members to login every time they make transactions.
Once you have login in your profile you can directly find a gig to buy then, by hitting the “Order now!” button you can preview the whole gig and you can contact directly to the seller for additional information before buying.

In the Buyer menu of the profile you can track your current shopping details if the project is currently Active, Pending Review, Completed or Cancelled by you. Payments are made through paypal, Western Union or Alert. You can request other payment methods but with addition fee.
If the buyer is not satisfied with the service they can reject or dispute the order right in time using the link sent to their email account.

Sell Gigs and Earn More Money
SEOClerk is  also place to earn extra income for SEO Freelancers by selling Articles, Tweets, Twitter followers, Facebook likes, high PR links, SEO report , blog comments , Article reviews, and Backlinks.

Using your SEO and blogging skills create an eye catching gig with affordable price offer. Be sure that your task is very feasible on your part considering that you will need to cope up with the deadline set.

Buyers will pay you through paypal and you can withdraw your earnings from SEOClerk mostly in just 24 hours. Your earnings can be track in your Seller menu in the Revenue page.

Note: Don’t scam people if you want to gain trust with other buyers. They will leave you a feedback on each task you’ll accomplished.
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December 8, 2011

Bayantel will expand its DSL nodes in Matina -Davao

A good news for Davaeño  internet users , Bayantel will now established it’s DSL node from Ecoland to Matina-Centerpoint area expected to finish on December 15, 2011.According to Ms. Grace Cabading, one of the Bayantel’s sales personnel, the target of the DSL line is to cater business establishments along the high-way such as Internet Café, Offices, Stores and even open for residential customers.

If you’re interested check-out their most offered PLAN for Small-Business and Corporate:

Pre-selling would start next week and for reservation you can contact Mr. Tom Alcantara at tel no. 3019500 / mobile-09228352009.

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Globe Broadband Aztech DSL605EW Modem+ Wifi Router-Pros and Cons

Globe had rolled out its latest Modem + Wi-Fi Router, the Aztech DSL605EW available for both residential and business DSL subscribers(almost similar to Prolink but it has better Wi-FI speed while Prolink can power up to 8mbps downstream).  The Aztech DSL605EW has a built-in DSL modem and a wireless router that supports 802.11b/g/g+ access point auto rate capable up to 125Mbps armed with 4 LAN ports and two antennas.(I won’t be talking more about its specs, please have it on Google if you need)
We are using this Aztech DSL605EW for almost 4 weeks. After we have ended our subscription to PLDT myDSL we try out Globe because of its affordable DSL packages and seemingly good connection here in Davao City. The Aztech DSL605EW is good all-in-one broadband solution gadget but you’ll need to know some its pros and cons based on my observation below:

*One-Time Setup- Aztech DSL605EW is a plug and play device; no need to install any software in a CD. Both the modem and router setup menu are accessible in one place that allows you to configure all the settings quickly. Also, the configuration will be done by the Globe’s technical team however, you can’t setup the device by you alone because it needs to verify online.

*Cable Free-As I’ve said its all-in-one. Using Aztech you’re free from troubles of loose cables from a conventional modem to router link. When, a network trouble occur you would only check the DSL cable if it’s properly connected as well as going to the LAN ports.

*Instant Game Blocking- one its advantage is the built-in game blocking feature which allows the network administrator to quickly block online games in different categories. Also you can block games apps by port blocking.
*Easily get hot-No matter how cold inside the office, Aztech easily get hot and I suspect it causes the router to hang frequently. I think the manufacturer should put a small fan inside the device to maintain its cool temperature. Note that modem alone turns hot when used 24/7 how much more if combined with router.

*Can’t Change Admin Password easily-Unlike to standalone routers, you can’t change the Admin password in Aztech without contacting your technical support. During the setup I told their technical to allow me to access the router as possible so, they’ve change the password by contacting their main office at Cebu.

*Wi-Fi Key Issues-I have a problem with this devices particularly its Wi-Fi key. Whenever, I set the new Wi-Fi password and after some time it change back to the default one when the devices is restarted. Can’t figure out why it’s happening, maybe a firmware bug. I haven’t told the CS about the issue.

*Don’t resume quickly when restarted-I have observe also that when it hangs and restarting the device will takes more than a minutes to resume. Sometimes you will need to press the restart button thrice before it could resume successfully. You will notice the red light in the Internet LED if it hangs while it turns green when connected. There might be delay of synchronization between the router and the modem.

*No URL or Limited Web Filter capability-Here in our office, Social Media sites is blocked. Now, my problem is the limited web filter feature of Aztech which only allow the users to block games in the category list, block by keywords and block by ports. It doesn’t offer blocking users by IP/MAC address (range or individual) and URL blocking which I really need to do.No choice,I ended up blocking every PC in the office manually.

Hope it helps for Globe Broadband users like us. Please post your experience or share your thoughts about this post ty
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December 3, 2011

Bennixville is a Finalist at Blog Awards-National Level Tech Category

Not too late to share.Bennixville was nominated as one of the finalist at Philippine Blog Awards 2011 in National Level Tech Category, an honor for newbie blogger like me. Two of my blogmates, (own by Kira Permunian) and (own by Bon Talampas) are also finalist in the said category.
An email came yesterday, inviting me to attend the awarding night at Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza, Makati City tonight (Dec. 3).Seems bad I couldn’t come, I’m out of budget and can’t leave my work here. I will try to contact my friend in Manila to be my representative, hope he’s not too

BTW, before I will end. Thanks to all my blogmates from Proudly Pinoy Bloggers (PPB) and United Bloggers (UB) who heartily supported us. Thanks for the PBA team. Advance congratulation to the winners….
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December 2, 2011

Unfollow 1000+ Non-followers on Twitter in just a Minute

After I have shared to you the tools that will help to grow more your Twitter followers, I will teach you also how to deal with your unfollowers. Unfollowers are the people you follow but don’t follow you back. There are a lot of reasons why they don’t respond; maybe they’re inactive, busy online, you’re out of their Niche,or just simply quite.

Well, likely you will gain your own reason  too to stay away from them by UNFOLLOWING! Why?  Twitter maintains on what we called following and unfollowing proportion, you could only follow more than 2,000 people if you have over 2,000 followers (this to avoid API spamming and BOT abuse according by Twitter) .If you reach the 2k limit but your followers number quite small then, your next move is to quit following those people don’t follow you.

Spotting people manually who don’t follow you on Twitter is time-consuming activity. Your alternative is to find tools that would give you a complete list of your UNFOLLOWERS then, unfollow them massively, here’s ManageFlitter my favorite(available in free & pro version).
To start, please take note that ManageFlitter free version has the limit of 1000 people to unfollow per 24-hours.

1.Login to and connect to your Twitter account
Click the Unfollow tab. Wait while displaying all the people that doesn’t follow you (in the upper part it will says how many of them).

2.To unfollow fast, click the Quick Edit to view to access the thumbnail view then, highlight them by dragging you mouse pointer around. You will see pink border to the highlighted avatar as shown:
3.Next, if you don’t want to unfollow all, try hitting the Deselect Popular or Verified filter (in the right side).

4.Finally, unfollow the selected people by pressing the UNFOLOW SELECTED the, it will processes quickly.
5.Just repeat the same steps until you reach the limit.

Congrats you have cleaned your Twitter!

Just to share more about on ManageFlitter it also allows you to check the following:
Not following back, No profile pic, Inactive, Quiet, Talkative, performs Bio search and Tweet Search. In the  ManageFlitter dashboard you can download the list of people following you or you follow (pro), Turn on/turn Off Google + sharing, and lot of things you can do if you will get the premium account.

I know there’s plenty of alternatives out there but their interface sucks and not even totally free to try. ManageFlitter is the best for people who want to manage their Twitter activity right on time.
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