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Hi, just call me Bennix.

By profession I am IT graduate and currently working as a Ecommerce Team Leader at Focusinc Group Corp, a Davao-based BPO company. I am also a freelance content writer, reviewer and web developer. By interest I am a googler, pc enthusiast, graphic artist, loves to play basketball and pc games. By ethnicity, I am a certified Ilongo but knows how to speak tagalog, bisaya and a little bit Ilocano dialect.

Let me tell you something about how I started my blog, before you get bored on reading.

I started to learn about blogging when I am in the college, however, during that time my web presence is very limited while still learning with computer skills. In 2010, when I worked as an IT personnel, I was inspired to put up a personal journal of my day-to-day experience in the job. I wrote every technical problems that I have encountered and post related solutions.It saves the word” a reminder” where I always come back to read , a sort of my own refresher.Honestly, I consider my old post as craps if an expert would read but those articles surprisingly bagged huge of views.lols

Inspired by other blogger friends and my desire to share more in the web, I formally started a blog, the same year,I purchased a domain from a small blogging income.With hard work, Bennixville.net (formerly .com), is now 3 years online..Seriously!,as a blogger it really makes me happy to see this blog keeps going better though, I only write a post in my free time. 

 Until now I can't believed that I am a blogger and blogging has become my passion..

The Philippine Tech blogger icon, Abe Olandres of Yugatech.com and Michael Aulia of CravingTech. Both of them have the same niche and I always read their online updates and they inspired me a lot.

Why I Blog?
I know when read any of my post here you think that I am Pro but honesty I am just a newbie like you. A newbie writer but I have the heart of a BLOGGER, a person who shares something to help others and myself, as my journey in computing continues..

Blogging opens a lot of doors for me; in the first place it helps a lot to improve writing skills, general tech knowledge and makes me always update in the online world.

Apart from that, blogging is one source of my passive income thru paid direct / indirect advertisements and because of blogging some people hired me to write for them and offer other profitable online jobs.My blog somehow a simple portfolio for me..but I know it could customize like that...

Through blogging ,I acquired online connections and media friends which always make me feel excited when we meet I them personally.(You can read also here some of the benefits of blogging I have realized.)

My online ambition is not only to own a mega blog someday but to provide contents to readers that they would leave my blog without an empty mind, they must catch something informative and worth inspiring...I think that's fantastic!

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