October 30, 2010

15+ Google Friend Connect gadgets improves your blogger interactivity

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Howdy bloggers, do you wish to improve and encourage your blog followers and community to interact more?

Here’s the secret, Google Friend Connect offers a lot of sexy gadgets to improve your blog looks, helps you tracks your visitors response, interest, comments and rates, monitors blog’s guest, and to promote an events in your site.

Some default blogger widgets are boring, very simple, not user friendly and not appealing to visitors. If you want to replace some of your old blogger widgets with a new professional looking read further below:

Choose any of the 15+ Google Friend Connect Gadgets

A gadget that allows your user to join your site, create profiles, find other users and invite friends to join. Members gadget is like the followers widget in Blogger but the only difference is the border and cool options buttons for a customize settings.

Social Bar
Let users sign in, view other members, leave comments, and see recent site activity from the top or bottom of your website.

Let users post comments and video links. Posts can apply to a specific page or an entire website.

Ratings and reviews
Let users rate and review content on your page -- books, photos, songs, etc.
Interests Polls
You can create a blogger poll and encourage visitors and members to join that answers could enhance Adsense as well. These poll gadget is prettier than the convention poll widget in your blogger. Try it and you will notice that it looks more professional compared to the old one.

Let users recommend their favorite pages, surfacing your site's most popular content.

Featured Content
Display content from your site based on the interests of your site's visitors. Using Google site search, this gadget will automatically display content that matches the interests expressed by your site's visitors.

Display your website's most recent Friend Connect activity (e.g. comments, reviews).

Newsletter subscription
Help members sign up for your newsletter by providing their email address if they haven't yet specified one. You can follow your  members through emails and encourage them to participate by sending newsletters on every blog updates.

Use this gadget to promote an event to your community. Members of your site can get details about the event (including images and video), see a map, indicate whether they will attend, and see who else has responded. Events can be added to a member's Google Calendar with a single click.


Use this gadget on your website to have the iPhone showing images of your community. Visitors can scroll information like on iPhone screen and click on a member's photo to learn more about them.


Play any of a wide variety of solitaire or multiplayer board, card, and dice games directly from your Personalized Google Homepage. This gadget displays a list of people online and looking to play a game.

eBay Social Shopping (eSS)
The eSS gadget re-creates most of the eBay buying experience inside a gadget, allowing your site users to share their shopping experiences with friends. For instance, users of your site can recommend eBay items to friends and browse their friends' recommendations from within the single gadget.

Recent Visitors
Lists the recent Visitors to your site

Lists top 10 members of your site, accoring to the number of times a member visits your site.

Movie Trailers - New, Hot and Coming soon. Every 2 hours - fresh info. Allows to watch new, hot and coming soon movie trailers, search for tickets and special offers.

Share it
Allow users to share or bookmark your website pages on their favorite social networks and social bookmarking sites

ClackPoint provides live audio, video and text chat for your social network. Users can call in either directly from the web page, or by using a telephone and entering a PIN. See http://clackpoint.com/gadgets/ for details. While in beta ClackPoint is free but limitations may apply. Terms and conditions at http://clackpoint.com/terms-and-conditions/

Get Answers
Add the Get Answers gadget to your site to encourage visitors to both ask and answer questions of other community members. This gadget allows them to browse questions, submit answers, and vote on answers they think are the best.

 Playlist Gadget
I found these gadget as fantastic,it allows a site owner to add a "social playlist" to any web page. You can choose the music for the playlist, or you may allow logged-in site visitors to select and add songs interactively, all without leaving your site. (You retain full control to edit the playlist and enable/disable visitor access.)

Spice up your blogger now!

Interests poll
Ask your visitors questions relevant to your site via a poll that adds to their profile. Answers can enhance AdSense and the featured content gadget. This gadget works in concert with the Interests feature.
Tips on how to add the Google Friend Connect Gadget to Your Blogger

Google and Blogger account is the main requirement to get the gadget and make it work on your blog.

To add the Google Friend Connect Gadget to your Blogger do the following:

1.    Login to your Blogger Account
2.    Next, go to  www.google.com/friendconnect/ and login
3.    Choose your blog name first in the left buttom of the window.
4.    Click Gadget to choose
5.    Customize your gadget size, color and so on.
6.    Click Generate Code button and Copy the entire code
7.     Go to you blogger > Design>Add a Gadget > Choose HTLM/JavaScript >Paste the Code from GFC and save. Place your gadget anywhere you like.
8.    View your page to check the result.

***The images and almost of the content is owned by Google Friend Connect, I have only added some descriptions, limit the list of important gadgets, and my goal is to promote only the GFC gadgets for blogger not to compete or plagiarize the original content. For more details visit GFC***