October 6, 2010

Creating Your Own Windows XP Live CD

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Guys, have you ever wondered how those smart people created a  Live XP CD like in Hiren’s Disc? Yes! for me. Why? Because a Live Windows XP is a very important maintenance tool that may helps computer technician to backup data from unbootable windows, fix computer virus, install missing drivers, and restore deleted or corrupt windows files.

I know this seems not new to you but its good to build your own and you can tweak it to add more valuable tools later.  This technology is called PE (Pre-installed Environment of Windows) where in an instance of a windows boot in a removable media and load to RAM instead of the partition. If you aware BartPE is a popular first invention which goal is for maintenance task and later WinPE was invented which was recognize by Microsoft. I won’t tell more about WinPE instead I will discuss now how I create a Live XP CD successfully in just moment.(Read more about WinPE or BARTPE)

In WinPE we can create a Vista Live CD, Windows 2003, or Win7 Live CD but this time we will focus on XP.

What we need?
1. Winbuilder stable or latest version.( I am using WinBuilder0052 which doesn’t need internet connection to update)
2. Prepare a copy your Windows XP. (A genuine copy is better)
3. Prepare a CD-R or better CD-RW.
4. At least you have a 500 mb RAM
5. Working CD / DVD ROM

How to start Creating your LIVE Windows XP CD?

1. Download the WinBuilder setup here then, extract it and put a copy of extracted winbuilder folder in your target drive. Suppose in your drive D:\ and name it  “XP Live CD”.
2. Now, extract a copy of your XP. (.ISO format is not acceptable in Winbuilder it must be in a simple folder.
3. Run the Winbuilder. In the winBuilder SCRIPT tab under STANDARD menu please check the following as shown:

4.Go to in the PATH tab, browse and select the extracted Windows XP folder. Leave the TARGET directory and ISO file as is.

5.Now, click the RUN button at the top to start the PROCESSING of the SCRIPT.

6.Wait until the processing will be done
7.After it is done,  Winbuilder will run the QEMU Virtual window.This will only show up if there's no error.The image below will be your actual output.

8.Now, if there’s no error on the QEMU virtual screen ,we will now burn the ISO image.
9.Go to in the ISO folder in your project and you will see the ISO image then right click on it as shown:

10.Open it your NERO or PowerISO then, insert your Blank CD and burn it.
11.We will try it. Reboot your Windows and choose to boot on your LIVE XP CD.

Congrats.Your done!
If you have questions please feel free to comment .Thank you.