November 20, 2010

Is Noob Killer a reliable Virus Cleaner?

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What is Noob Killer?
My first encounter with Noob Killer is when my friend gave me a collection of Computer Repair Tools burn in CD last year and it was included there. I wonder how this tool works because I have no idea about it, when I scan my computer using Noob Killer to spot worm and other threats it works fine but I didn’t like the Interface too small and cute.

Noob Killer is just a simple Virus Cleaner utility created in Visual Basic Language designed by a Filipino aka. "Leerz"  to remove popular worms (VBS- Solow) known as Hacked by Godzilla and Taga Lipa variants that infects and spread through Flash Drives or Removable storage.  

By some improvements lately, it armed Noob Killer for intensive detections on new types of PC threats.

The following threats are the main target of Noob Killer to remove:
>w32dranyam | marcmaynard.exe
> VBS Worm\Solow
>Destrukto | explorar.vbs
>Baguio Strawberry Worm
>Yahoo! Worm (Sohanad) || Some Variants
>Krag.exe (I´m Not The Only One)
>jay.exe | jaymykawen9
>Funny UST Scandal(Avi).exe
>SilentSoftech.exe | anti-taga lipa are
>iloveher.exe | say no to drugs!!!
>Thank You!! Password WinZip123 | password_viewer.exe bar311.exe
>display monitor.exe | new folder variant
>ImgKulot and variants, jamesgo, bungoton and the like [*.bat, *.reg, *.vbs collection]
>kxvx | kavo, amvo, kevo
>Disk Knight
>transmit.exe setup.exe | black Pegasus

Noob Killer also includes several windows alternative tools in its arsenal:
•Run Items – Display all running process at start up
•Simple Process Explorer – An alternative process viewer
•Delete File on Restart – Works like Unlocker, File Assasin or File Destroyer
•Run Window – A mimic command prompt an alternative in case the virus  your original RUN window

Additional Features:
•Could Copy windows Native Troubleshooting apps – Like Regedit, Taskmanager, MS Config, 
•Provide option to Turn on or Turn autorun.inf on Removable or CD drives
•Allows restoring windows important tools like Folder Options, TaskManager, MSConfig, Regedit, Task Bar Right Click and Internet Explorer caption.
• Controls Write Protect
• Enable Disable System Restore

The new version was under testing to work with vista  and online update is available.

Who are using Noob Killer?
Noob Killer have numerous users  from the phillippines and worldwide. I have notice that  majority of Computer and Cellphone Technicians knows Noob Killer because it is popular on IT forums online .Yeah, anybody could use Noob Killer because it is totally free and it is available to download online.

Final Impression:
Based on my experience, Noob Killer is safe to use and effective for worm threat removal but not good for Recycler virus. Noob Killer is not an Antivirus program it’s a Virus Cleaner after you have scan and clean your PC install a reliable Antivirus Software to monitor, block and remove threats.

Basically Noob Killer works great on worms, autorun.inf, .vbs and other local Pinoy made viruses.

I don’t know if Leerz is a certified professional to build this utility because he doesn’t reveal his real identity to public.I believe he build Noob Killer to help other people.

To Leerz,
I suggest that the interface must be improved to emphasize user-friendly. Why not make a medium size main panel like in WormBlaster and put larger buttons with detailed labels. Remember, not only computer geeks will be using your invention when people find your tools effective and useful  they will recommend it to their friends  then user friendly issue is a big deal.

Keep up the good work!
For more Info about Noob Killer  visit the following sites: