December 8, 2010

PLDT DSL Server was down yesterday(Dec. 7,2010), Internet Connection sucks

Posted by Bennixville   on
It's been two weeks that PLDT DSL connection in our office is not stable. Once in every hour the Internet connection failed and so slow because of this I need to restart the Modem to resume the connection for about 2 minutes. It was too hassle because I have a lot of things to do while establishing a new IT infrastructure to our new building.

Yesterday, the Internet Connection really sucks the whole day and checking the PLDT modem I see DSL LED was not working. Our router setup and configuration was fine, and the cabling is good.

I have tried connecting directly to the router but no luck. After a several minutes one of the person in the PLDT  assistance center  call me on the line and he inform us that something is going wrong with the PLDT server in Davao and they could not give a specific time when the problem could be fix.

I have contacted the 172 PLDT broadband repair service to inform about the issue and them (PLDT) promise to response ASAP. I have talk also to Mel, one of the PLDT broadband repair Technician and inform him about the issue and Mel told me that there's no PLDT server in Davao and he assume that maybe there's a line problem in our area.

This morning the DSL LED was working and the Internet was restored but still slow and frequently failed. Mel, talk me on the phone and ask if the Internet connection and he cleared that the PLDT server in Manila was down yesterday and some selected spots is affected.

I don't know why PLDT frequently sucks now and I hate those people in PLDT who gives wrong updates. Internet connection is very important in your company because we are running with a centralized DTR Systems that requires constant updates and reports. The company is paying for almost 8K every month for the best PLDT Service PLAN but it’s not reliable all the time.

We are not only the one who complains about their services but  a lot of people. Hopefully PLDT could make things stable before 2011.