May 10, 2011

Google Search result in Mozilla is redirected to other websites problem- Solved!

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Guys, as what I have reiterated I am a fan of Mozilla Firefox but lately I have encountered a strange problem in it. If you open any of the Google’s search result you will be redirected to commercial sites like,Tao-Wen,,, and a lot more which really annoys me.
Google Chrome ,IE, and Safari which works fine  in my system, only FF4 had this problem.
I suspect that my Firefox is being infected with a certain Trojan called Browser Hijacker  then  I have used a lot of most trusted tools like Combofix, SuperAntiSpyware, Ccleaner,and Avast to remove the said threat but  it doesn’t work at all.
I also tried using the Mozilla Redirect Blocker add it works on some websites but the problem still continue on majority of the search results still it was redirected to other websites.

My Solution:
While I study carefully those URL I have seen a lead as shown:(double click to view in full)
As you can see you will notice these two words: bonjour and %2dns, I checked the running processes and have I spotted something like this: Bonjour DNS responder.

I usually encounter  bonjour,a software bundled with apple apps like iTunes, I am still in doubt that this software is not really safe and after researching I finally decide to remove it from my system  and guys, it works like a charm, Firefox is back!
double click to view in full
Now, find this application named “Bonjour “in your control panel and remove it then, try browse with your Mozilla everything works fine.

It seems that Bonjour is not compatible with Firefox 4 or the software was also used up by Trojan since I found some malicious tracking cookies using SuperAntiSpyware. If Apple created Bonjour to hijack our system then ,they are idiot like anyone out there.
Know more about Bonjour DNS responder here:

Good Luck!
If these tips don’t work please come back here and add your comments below.