July 8, 2011

Arm Your iPhone To Be Environmental Friendly – Latest Green Apps

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Strange as it seems, but your iPhone can be a beacon for the “Go Green” initiative. Don’t be so awe struck, we are talking about the same iPhone which your might be holding right now or is safely decked on the table.  

Smartphone not only make to be smart devices by also can be smart thinkers when iPhone applications for environment are concerned. Some of the best iPhone applications have been enlisted below. 

1) Power Saver Home ($0.99) - Gives you a clear estimation of the energy, time and monetary saving done and the life span of the CFL blub after the use of CFL lighting. 

2) Cruelty-Free (Free) - If you avoid animal tested products then use this free app. An alphabetical or product wise search for over 200 Canadian and Us companies can be done, who do not do animal testing on products. 

3) Gorgeously Green Survival Guide ($0.99) - Gives you helpful tips to go on eco-friendly shopping. It will be perfect guide to ward any confusion on eco friendly shopping. 

4) VeganXpress ($1.99) - Use this app when you need a ready list of all the vegetarian options while it also lists the vegan menus of approximately 110 restaurants. 

5) iGuides Energy Tips($6.99) - Gives you like million tips for optimizing home energy.

6) Kilowatts – Electric Meter Reader ($0.99) - Use it to get the real time measurement of the electricity used by you. It also gives you the energy use concentrated on family activities or on appliance change.

7) Global Warming Personal Calculator ($0.99) - helps you analyze your carbon foot prints judging your energy usage and other aspects. You can get to know how you are contributing to global warming.      

8) Green Outlet ($1.99) - Use this app when you want to know the culprit appliance using more energy as well increasing your electricity bill.

9) Vegetarian Cookbook and Restaurant Locater ($0.99) - Solves the problem of jotting and noting vegetarian recipes, use this app instead, as it has an entire cookbook to refer to. Also has the list to all the vegetarian restaurants searchable through the city or the zip code.

10) GoodGuide (Free) - pretty intelligent apps delivering the details about the health, environmental and social performance of all your favorite brands. Scan, search and browse for over 70,000 products through the barcodes.
You can now say that the entire world is in your hand and you are instrumental in saving it!  

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