July 1, 2011

The unending comparison between Wordpress and Blogger- What platform really worth?

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Before I have the thought to make this simple review about wordpress and blogger, I consider that this topic has been posted thousand times in the blogosphere but still there’s a lot of newbie’s out there who are confuse in their starting point- the choosing of the platform. In this post I will unfold my simple understanding about Wordpress and Blogger to help the newbies get some insights. 
There’s a lot of Blogging platform today in the web like Drupal, Typepad, Hubpages, Tumblr, Myspace and many alike. But there are two platforms which always compared to each other, the wordpress and blogger or blogspot.com. Now let’s take a look on simplified angle of each platform.

The Wordpress 

Wordpress is one of the best blogging platform used by popular bloggers around the World Wide Web which according to stats it’s now have more than 20 millions of users online. 

There are two services offered by wordpress; the wordpress.com and wordpress.org.
So, what’s the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org? 

When you sign up with wordpress.com this come with free hosting and a domain with.wordpress.com extension but majority of the features are being locked. Like what happen to my friends she even asked me why she couldn’t upload or edit CSS in wordpress and later I have learned that she is using wordpress.com with the free account. Well the free account really sucks that you have no template control, limited widgets, no Java, can’t embed videos, No FTP access, and lot headaches later if you’re not aware.

While wordpress.org is a platform for self hosting blog where you can download the software and installed it to a paid web hosting service and get your own domain running.

 Totally Customizable
In wordpress.org you can upload any supported plugins you like, customize html, php and css, upload thousand of free wordpress themes, and a lot more. 

 Totally Flexible
Wordpress.org gives you the total functionalities although you will have to manually upload and manipulate the template this would gives you the total control everything inside your wordpress blog.

 Community Support
 Another good thing with wordpress is their dynamic community support, you will find a lot forums, tutorial, and tips from popular blogging personalities that would share their experiences in wordpress to help you anytime.

The first drawback  with wordpress.org is the hosting cost on both file hosting and the domain but I see it's worthy to pay for it.

The Blogger.com
Everyone knows Blogger because it’s totally free and easy to use. Like wordpress.com when you signed up account in blogger you will automatically carry the .blogspot.com extension in your URL but you can have your own custom domain for about $10 a year which is pretty cheap compared to other domain service.

Blogger has the features that you can’t find in the free wordpress.com Here are the few of the advantages:

You have the template control
In blogger, you can freely choose your template with a lot of choices from the old template which was published almost 5 years ago but still working chosen by many right now due to its flexibility and user friendly feature. The new template designer allows you to design and create your own blogger template in just a minute.

Blogger supports BETA XML Template which allows you to upload templates adapted from wordpress or premium free themes that suits your needs.In blogger you can customize your HTML, CSS and XML anytime.

Totally Free Widget
Blogger has a lot of free widgets comes with RSS, Video tools, social media, and a lot more that you can easily customize and even hack it to fit your taste.

Unlimited amount of traffic or storage
In blogger you wouldn’t pay anything such traffic or storage like in self hosting with wordpress.org. That’s why Blogger was dubbed as the best platform of 2011 based on its uptime stats recorded by Pingdom.com.  

For your images and video you will have the free 1GB storage from Picasa or you will have more if you get an upgrade (with fee). 

Dynamic Features
Blogger now supports multiple authors, embedding images and videos in the post, modern comment system to combat spams, blog viewing stats, mobile previewing, and the coming cool 5 dynamic views. 

The only thing I fear in Blogger is that "Google owns your content" but believe Google is fair and worthy to trust.

If you would ask me what was the best? I would ask you first what do you need and how your resources is. If you would like to build a simple blog, an online diary, personal write-ups, and a daily news type blog for free Blogger will be your first option because it’s totally free and always uptime. Blogger is the best training ground for blogging that undeniably almost of the famous bloggers today came from using it and becoming a serious user or totally in love with Blogger.com is not impossible.

But if you have a lot of bucks to pay for a self hosted blogs or a premium website chose Wordpress.org which had the best pack of functionalities and flexibilities that suites enterprise or professional blog requirements. Your blog with wordpress.org is your own property; you can develop it and even sell it as you wish which you couldn’t be done Blogger (it’s against the TOS).

If you’re totally noob and want to complicate things you would probably choose the wordpress.com.lol…:)

Anyway, I believe that platform doesn’t really matter at all, it only depends on your purpose and goals in with your blogging journey or career. 

Did we miss something important? Please put your reactions and let’s discuss here!