September 30, 2011

HandyCafe v3: The best Lifetime-free Internet Café Software!

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Having a good Internet Café  software is a plus to your business where it enhance  consumer satisfaction  and convenience as well on your part as the owner.Well, talking about Internet Café Software there’s a lot of them but today I would only share  about the goodness of having Handy Café as a solution to your cyber café business.
HandyCafe is an Internet Café or CyberCafe software developed by Ates Software & Internet Technologies-a Turkey-based software developer company but I am not sure when it started  since 2004 our school  was using Handy Café to manage our Campus Internet Lab.

Today, HandyCafe claimed that it runs over 45,000+ Cyber Cafes in 180 countries in around  the world that caters more or less 2.5 million customers everyday.And it’s now in the stable version 3.3 which compatible with Windows OS such as XP, Vista and Win 7 as well.

The Benefits of Using Handy Café Solution
1.It’s Totally Free- Handy Café is a lifetime-free software.Both HandyCafe and it’s extra Handy café Firewall software are 100% free..All you need to do is to register to acquire your Legal License Info that would  be sent to your email address in a minute then, it’s up to begin the installation.

2. Easy to Install – HandyCafe is only a 12mb while the  Handy Safé Firewall is  4MB to download and each update is around 7m in size–very small compared to other solutions. I personally like the  setup of  Handy Café because it’s very easy to install- both the server and client installer is packed in one file.
3. Light Interface- Handy Café is very light and user-friendly with regards to interface.When I first install it in a 6 years old Pentium 4, it doesn’t bang at all-always up...Navigating around the Main Server interface, you see it was simply well-structured and  you can configure all the  control hassle-free  with very accessible forms.The Client interface loads fast without annoyances to customers surfing experience and can configure easily.
4. Less Ads-I should say its has a Less Annoying Ads placement. The client will see only two ads; one in the right side along the interface and the second is the browser.Everyone should understand why there’s an ADS because it’s the bloodline of the developer since their products is totally free-that’s their means to monetize it.Handy Café all-in-all has a user-friendly ads that doesn’t interfere customers browsing.
5. Dynamic Features-Handy Café is packed with flexible features which allows you to do multiple-task such as:
Client Computer Monitoring- from the Server you can monitor and control everything  in the Clients PC. You can connect remotely to install, troubleshoot , help your client or transfer file quickly. 

Take desktop screenshot or view the customers visited sites.You can wake up, shutdown, restart, log off computer in LAN connected to your Server.Handy Café allows you to manage all  running applications on each client PC, you can filter BAD WORDS, protect USB ports and you can send message to all your customers.
No worries with accounting-related task because you can track  anything  and can print or export reports quickly.You can generate Tickets with different prices for every clients or create Members with special prices would ease your charge tracking.

For detailed features info read here.

Totally free(Handy Café v3 and Handy Café Firewall).No retail,no upgrade cost.
Easy to Install-Server and Client in one setup file
Fast to Load and Lock
Bug Free and Stable

Sometimes Porn Ads are displayed in clients
No Apps Launchpad so far
 Your browser homepage will be change to Handy Café with ads
You can’t easily  change the client screensaver
System Requirements
    Windows XP / Vista / 7 (32bit & 64bit)
    50 MB HDD Space (200 MB Recommended)
    256 MB RAM (1GB or more Recommended)
    Active Internet Connection and Local Area Network

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If you have some questions please add below and let us discuss.ty