November 30, 2011

5 Tips on How To Spot A Girl Gamer

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If you are looking for a girl who loves to play real video games (and not easy cooking games) like you, there are a few signs that will lead you to her. Here are our 6 tips on how to spot a girl gamer.

Early Disclaimer, they may not be a gorgeous as these girl gamers:

1. Check the Shirt She’s Wearing
First is to look at her t-shirt. A girl gamer at heart often wears clothes that resemble anything about games and the popular characters in it. They frequently clothe themselves with these shirts in order to be tagged as gamers.

2. Check her in the Gaming Section
Meanwhile, there are some that are not as flashy as the game t-shirt wearing gals. Nevertheless, if you are on the prowl for some of the most enthusiastic female video game players, the most obvious way to find them is to look for them at the game section. In some cases though, they may be in that corner because of their father, brother, boyfriend or other male equivalent. Still, if she is looking at the games, there is a huge chance that she is a gamer. If you play video games a lot, you will notice the way she handles the joystick or the game CDs filled with interest and not with confusion.

3. Laidback Girls are Gamer Girls
Most of the girl gamers have diverse demeanor compared to the average women. There is the angry girl who can be snappy and is very competitive. Usually, they like to play sports too but will not go out to play if it will cut their gaming time. Then there is also that relaxed girl, which has a cool character who is laidback and would just sit around the corner and play her games. However, if you strike a conversation with her about her favorite game, she would definitely perk up. So our tip for you is to go for the laidback ones.

4. She’s Into Japanese Culture
You might doubt about this but girl gamers can actually be spotted through the classes they take. Most girls who love playing online or video games take up Japanese class, design, web design or art classes. The fifth sign is that gamer girls can be friendly at times but they are not usually fond of other girls who like playing games as well. Watch her expression turn sour when she learns that there is some other gal who is good at gaming.

5. A True Game Geek
Finally, a girl who loves games knows random things about the pastime. Whether it is RPG, strategy, tycoon, cooking or time management, they can handle the conversation whenever you bring the subject up. Some girls may play one to two games but there are some that are hardcore. By testing their knowledge on games, you will immediately spot the girl gamers. Always remember that girl gamers are good girlfriends if she knows terms like Quest, Grinding, Power-Level then she’s the girl for you.

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