January 9, 2012

Blogstar of the Month(Jan): Gian Faye of theLoading-Info.net

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She's one of my most influential blogger friends in the blogosphere, Gian Faye, all the way from DasmariƱas City a blogging and social media expert, sharing her numerous amazing articles online about programming, cyber-culture, geek talks, and more tips related to digital life.

Gian Faye is an active member of Blog Engage and had been featured at Neek and Gerds , TeachStreet.com and Scolex Portal’s Top  Emerging Influential Blog of 2011.She’s a big fan of Blogger like me.lol…

What else? I think it’s your time to know some of Gian’s secret in blogging by reading the interview I made below:  
Interview with Gian Faye thru e-mail:
1. What is the of name your Blog(s) (how you come up with the name)

The first non-personal blog I created was Loading-Info (http://the.loading-info.net/). I was an IT geek so I wanted to create something where I can disseminate information worth spreading. I picked Loading Information but it’s too long, so I thought of Loading Info, but the URL is already taken on Blogger so I added a hyphen, and so it is Loading-Info (old: loading-info.blogspot.com).
My second main blog is called The Dichotomy of One’s Thoughts, which I shortened to Dichothoughts. The explanation of why I picked this name is quite lengthy and it can already be found on the about page of the blog so just check it there: http://dichothoughts.com/about/
My third blog, called Technopoly is my post-anything-interesting blog. I just longed for somewhere to post anything I want regardless of the niche or category of the topic. Explanation of its name can also be found on its about page: http://technopoly.us/pages/about

2. How do you start in Blogging? Who inspire you to blog? 

I’ve answered this same question before but I just realized today the root and cause of me starting a blog. I’ve started watching OpenCourse Ware or online courses videos from Harvard Extension School because what I gained from our university isn’t enough to feed my lust for knowledge. On the process, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) became familiar to me also. I’ve also discovered TED and started to get fond their TED talks. And so I also wanted to create something where I can share what I know, and learn things I still didn’t know. If you would check my first article on L-I it is about the Seaswarm oil-spill cleaning robots, an innovation from MIT.

3. How many visitors do you get daily to your blog?

It’s a little bit funny to say this but I rarely check the number of visitors I get (now that I am busy with my jobs for living). Maybe around 200-300 visitors a day on my last check. This is the stats on L-I, on my two other blogs I rarely check.

4. How much time do you spend on work related to your blog?

Hmmmm. Before, I always check my blog and tweak my blog layout. But now that I only have the weekends to spend on other things not related to my work, I rarely touch the template. But it is okay as I’m satisfied as how it looks.
On the other hand, when I do compose blog posts it took me 2-5 hours writing a regular-length article -- inclusive of the research, gathering of resources, composing the article, and proofreading. A long article sometimes takes me half a day to finish.
5. Where do you see your blog(s) and yourself in 5 years? 
Thinking that I’m a futurist I really can’t visualize myself as a blogger or what my blog will be in 5 years. I have other plans but a friend once gave me an advice that our blog is always there, you can go on chase your dreams but still your blog will be there, waiting for another blog post when you feeling like posting again.
6. One of the hardest things for beginner bloggers is getting traffic. What tips can you give bloggers to drive traffic to a new blog?
First, make plans of what your blog will be like. Planning is one of the crucial stages, yet disregarded by many. When you finished drafting the things you would want to do with your blog, you can start creating your blog, design it yourself or hire someone, and started posting things that cannot be read elsewhere. Do not just be a copy of someone else’s blog. Do not post for SEO’s sake. Post the things that a group of people will be interested at. Post the things where you are knowledgeable. Research. Then, start connecting to people with the same interests as you or the same field as yours. Make friends and learn. I actually care little about traffic but if you do, just don’t focus about it. Instead, focus on things that will benefit your blog and your readers at the same time. Then, traffic will just be one of the outcomes.
7. What are your three favorite blogs to read? What makes those blogs special?
I have more than three favorites. However, the blogs that I do visit often are TechCrunch.comUnbox.ph, and MostlyMaths.net. Well, on TC I often got the latest on the IT corporate news, startups, and tech-personalities; Unbox on the coolest releases and gadgets (and audiophile gears); and MostlyMaths on topics that are both unique and interesting (well, at least for me).
8. What is your favorite blogging tool or the tool you couldn't live without?
I’ve always used a web browser. Haha. Kiddings aside, I do not use other blogging tools like for SEO or analytics. Maybe I couldn’t live without Google because it would be impossible to research without such monstrous engine.
9. What you could give to new blogger to help them start out on a path of success?
I only have one advice to anyone whether you are a blogger or not – just do whatever you want, whatever you enjoy doing; whether you do it for yourself, for others, or for both. Follow your passion. Because if you started doing a thing you do not want to do in the first place, you’ll eventually quit.
10. Aside from blogging what are other things you love to do?
Okay, this is one question that bears lots of answers. I do lots of things. As a musician I love playing instruments mainly the guitar and the violin. As a web geek I love creating websites that are aesthetically appealing (front-end). I also love watching films, and collecting things (CDs, magazines, books). To know more about the things I do they can visit my About.Me site – http://about.me/GianFaye
Message to BennixVille readers:
First, I am grateful to Bennix to have chosen me to be featured on his blog.
If you are reading this you are probably one lucky folk because this blog is one of my favorites – not just because Bennix is a friend, but also because you’ll eventually gain something before leaving this blog.