March 23, 2012

Free Canon Resetter Tools Collection plus tips

Posted by Bennixville   on
Do you troubleshoot Canon printers frequently? or your work is on fixing printer-related problems?Troubleshooting devices definitely need specific tools,it could be a software or hardware to make your fixing easier.

To help you out,I have compiled several service/resetting tools for Canon printers and including some procedure tips to follow.

Download Link:

Works on the following Canon printers:
-Canon mp198
-Canon mp150
-Canon mp170
-Canon mp258
-Canon mp180
-Canon mp450
-Canon mp460
-Canon ip1300
-Canon ip1880
-Canon ip4600
-Canon ip1700
-Canon ip1600
-Canon ip1980
-Canon ip1200
.. and others...
Disclaimer: I do not own those software.Please be thankful to the developer for giving it free.