March 7, 2012

How to Order Amazon Items and get shipped to Philippines?

Posted by Bennixville   on
We know Amazon don't accept product shipment to some Asian countries including  Philippines  due to many cases of fraud credit cards allegedly. So, the moment you will enter your delivery address Amazon will eventually reject it in the checkout process.

Some says Amazon will only deliver selected items suchs as CD's and books  in the Philippines but not huge items or such with high value. While I search online, I learned that Amazon only prioritize  U.S delivery addresses then, anyone outside U.S  will alternatively use virtual addresses to receive their orders. 
Well, because of virtual address, yesterday my order from Amazon has just arrived, a
500GB Toshiba portable drive with USB 3.0 support for P800 (freight fee only, no customs charge at all). How easy as that?  I contacted the Johnny Air Cargo, a Philippine-based  cargo company that  offers Air Cargo Padala for online shopping and retailing services for my package .Their nice Customer Service personnel  advised me to use their  New York delivery address and I will be contacted the moment my package arrive. 

Here are the simple steps on how to start:
1.While Checking-out your order at Amazon, contact the nearest Johnny Air Cargo branch in your place. See their local branch and virtual addresses here:

Sample address  line that I have used:
AGT/My Name
Johnny Air Plus,
717 Newark Avenue
Jersey City New Jersey 07306-2829

2.Next, wait the notification from Amazon which includes your order tracking ID.
3.Inform the Johnny Air customer service about your item with order tracking ID emailed by Amazon to you then, ask how much your total freight charge for your package is. 
4.Usually, your total freight fee charge will be based on the size and weight of the item( somewhat $6 per kilo) plus a cheap handling fee charge. 
5.Wait for 2 weeks for your package to arrive and prepare the cash payment.

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