June 1, 2012

Blogstar of the Month(June): JR Plaza of Always10List.com

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A notable guy of his niche, JR Plaza is a blogger since 2009,sharing hundreds of his popular top ten lists online of various interesting topics, ranging from facts to cool trivia’s. Apart from blogging he does SEO and active in social media as well. So, this time I featured him to share how he started in blogging and secrets online.

1. What is the name of your Blog(s)? (How you come up with the name?)

The name of the blog is always10list or simply always10. I decided to create this blog out of compiling list (I really love reading top 10 list), I have this idea of creating a blog for top 10 list where people could submit top 10 list of their choice and I think the niche is as right on target.

Actually there are 3 of us who decide the name combining “always the best top 10 list” keywords and at first it came out a little bit awkward since the name doesn’t rhyme well but as the time pass by, I realize that it’s all about the branding strategy and feel happy that there are more blogs who has weirder names like mine. ^_^.

2. How and when do you start in Blogging? Who inspire you to blog?

I started blogging when I was 2nd year college and blogging is not that rampant in those days. I stop blogging when I was turning 4th year and came back just may 2009 – the month and year where always10list was founded. I was inspired by Carl Ocab and Darren Rowse (ProBlogger.net) by those time as well as my peers in college whom caught my attention about these types of hobby.

3. How many visitors do you get daily to your blog?

Oh, I can’t answer this part. *wink – skipped…lol, approximately a thousand unique visits a day.

4. How much time do you spend on work related to your blog?

Oh, you mean how much time I allocate on blogging? Well, I started blogging as a hobby and allocated them only on weekends though now, I checked updates and post very often – as you can see the blog is now open for top 10 list submission for free. So that means I have to post if there are updates on peps who are submitting.
5. Special Question: Who’s blog are you envy with and why?
Obviously, Pete Cashmore (Mashable) as well as Techcrunch. Why? I think the fact is obvious. lol
6. One of the hardest things for beginner bloggers is getting traffic. What tips can you give bloggers to drive traffic to a new blog?
The tips are simple and it’s in front of us but mostly we neglect it. Real People. Yes, they are what we call the readers whom spent times looking for something to read on. My advice is that create a Quality, Original, Killer and relevant content. Use the power of social media, engage with social peps. “Established your profile as a marketable entity, create a great online footprint”. Let people know you, and not just your blog. Lastly, you should not neglect seo which I think helps a lot to lead that online traffic to your blog.
7. What are your three favorite blogs to read? What makes those blogs special?
Of course, Mashable, Techcrunch and SEOMoz blog. Mashable is my dose of everything latest in tech industry as well as Techcrunch. Of course, I’m a SEO peps so I probably can’t miss Fishkin’s whiteboard Friday on SEOMOz blog. *wink.
8. What is your favorite blogging tool or the tool you couldn't live without?
That would be Internet Connection and Google – I’m going to freak-out they’re gone.
9. Special Question: How do you act when someone copied your content?
I just report it to Google DMCA. But usually I neglect it since I’m the original, and there is no way they can outrank me on that in Search engines. I usually put homepage URL links within every post as well as putting rel=”author” attributes on my post.
10. Aside from blogging what are other things you love to do?
They call me jack of all trades… believe me…lol. I love swimming, painting, drawing, singing, reading books. That’s also the reason why blogging is strictly for weekends…lol