August 9, 2012

Google's Doodle Olympics Games - The Newest Thumb Breaker!

Posted by Bennixville   on
Are you bored in your office or work? here's your new past time, play the Google Doodle games such as the Soccer,Boating, Hurdle and Basketball, I'm sure you're can't

Let's rock! ( click the image to start playing)

Tips: You are a goal keeper you need to block the ball from the kicker.Use back and forward key to block and space bar to catch.You are only allowed to miss 3 times.Goodluck!

Shalom Canoe or Kayak Boating

Tips: Move the boat fast by pressing back and forward button.Go accross poles to gain more points, reach the to end the race


Tips: Move the back and forward button fast on your keyword to run fast and press space bar to jump.


Tips: Press the space bar to can have 2 to 3 points score. While aiming to shoot observe the ball color, orange is for free throw range,slight red is the next then, red for 3.You will start from the free-throw 'till the 3 point line for 24 seconds.

What's your highest score? I can go up to 50 on