January 11, 2013

CD-R King Headphone HP-067-VE-Price & Specs Review

Posted by Bennixville   on
I’ve got this headphone last December as gift, a compliments on my Nokia Music Express phone. This is a very loud headphone equipped with 3.5mm audio plug which is compatible to many mobile phones, DVDs and other mp3 devices.

Price tag at around P350, this headphone is foldable and has red” C” logo side by side. The only thing I don’t like is when I unboxed the headphone the logo got some scratch and its plastic is not properly furnished.

The headphone has no volume control and microphone.

HP-067-VE Specifications:
Brand: CD-R King
Name: CD-R King Headphone
Color: Black
Model #: HP-067-VE
Frequency Response:  20Hz to 20Khz
Sensitivity: 115dB
Plug: 3.5mm
Cord length:1.2m
Volume Control: No
Microphone: No
Foldable: Yes
Usage: MP3, DVD, Mobile Phone, etc
Dimension: 40mm
Price: SRP P350

For P350, this headphone is cool enough considering its loud and clear tone.