October 1, 2014

Thanks for more than a Million Page Views

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Hi! I would like to dedicate this post to all the netizens who keeps coming back in this blog to read, interact and support my work.

The latest Bennixville's logo.. 
A million thanks to you! You make us proud and motivated..

I never thought this technology blog will go this far. Way back in 2011, this is just a space of my hobby but because of your support, Bennixville Dot Net continues to grow.

We have now reached more than 1.3 million page visits based on our platform statistics and our articles were approximately shared 700k times in the web.

I know this is just a small stats, but I am happy that we are part of the blogosphere sharing informative and relevant information worldwide.

I read every comment you posted here but please understand that I cannot respond on time because of my hectic work skeds.

You are always welcome to digggggg our archives!GBU

[Special mention to my very supportive wife, Bea and Eunice, my daughter who inspires my everyday in my life in the virtual world..]

Best Regards,