November 21, 2017

How to get Replacement for Lost or Damaged Philhealth ID Card

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In the event that you had accidentally lost or damaged your Philhealth ID here's our guide on how you can get repacement card for free.

1. Go to the nearest Philhealth Regional Office near you. Bring your old ID or make sure you still remember your Philhealth Number.

2. In the entrance, ask the guard where to get priority number ( they will usually refer you to Philhealth Assistance and Complaint Desk (PACD) window).

3. Get request from PACD and fill it out.

4. Submit request from to PACD and ask for priority number.

5. Proceed to Express counter and wait your number to be called.

In just 10 to 45 minutes of waiting (depende sa dami ng tao), the counter will release your new Philhealth ID Card without any charge.

Please note, for this new card to be valid you need to add 1x1 photo and affix your signature before having it laminated.

List of Philhealth Regional Offices and Branches

PRO I - Dagupan
PRO II - Tuguegarao
PRO III-A - San Fernando
PRO III-B - Malolos
PRO IV-A - Lucena
PRO IV-B - Batangas

PRO V - Legazpi

PRO VI - Iloilo

PRO VII - Cebu

PRO VIII - Tacloban

PRO IX - Zamboanga

PRO CAR - Baguio



PRO NCR Central - Quezon City

PRO NCR North - Manila