About Us

Bennixville.net is a blog dedicated for technology news, reviews, Search Engine Optimization, eCommerce, and IT related stuffs including software, internet, network tools, and many other informative facts interesting for locals.

This blog formally started way back in 2009, when it's Founder, Ben Baygas ( aka Bennix ) started writing about his IT journals online when it begun suddenly attract some readers, Bennix get inspired of writing more articles in regular basis until he lunch Bennixville in 2010.

While working as Network Administrator in a leasing company in Davao City, he continued posting articles related to his expertise and passion such as even the smallest technical problems  in the IT world that he had encountered and giving tips for newbiews on how to resolve it by their own. For him, he's blog it saves the word as a "reminder” where he'd always come back to read - a sort of he's own refresher.

Up to this day, Bennix continues to blog to document his new learnings in computing and share some new stuffs about his work and life in the blogosphere.